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We can't just ignore the law. So i think there's a tension and i don't know you know like i said could come out today. Could come out in two weeks. Who knows well. And don't oil and gas workers not only across the strait state but throughout the nation. They deserve to know. I think so when you're putting jobs at risk you would expect the at least that they had a plan and they were making progress on this review because when the interior department says they want to review something that probably means an environmental impact statement and those things take years to do so. We've already lost six months with no progress on that front and probably them embarking on some type of environmental analysis. That is going to take years to do so. Then why did they stop it. You know they should have at least waited till they knew what they were going to do before. You know just saying we can't do this anymore so you know it's it's putting jobs at risk and for what they can't even get their act together to do what they said they were going to do. Well and check me if i'm wrong on this. Catholics com by the way president of western energy alliance. We have had at least to my understanding achieved some semblance of energy independence but meanwhile as you pointed out in your piece great piece by the way in the denver post You had the biden administration spending the last month urging russia and opec to ramp up production. I mean literally encouraging foreign imports. Yes and russian imports have gone through the roof there at a historic high now. Which is fantastic right. So as they're making it more difficult for the american producer they're going out and saying. Hey but we want production from russia and saudi arabia. You know the the excuses always that we need to do it. Environmentally responsible manner. We need to review this. We need to make sure it's been down. We need to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Well people still need to drive their cars so we don't produce here under our strict environmental regulations. Then it gets produced in russia. Guess what. Russia doesn't have strict environmental regulations. Like we do. And then we're transporting that oil by you know by ship and so that is more greenhouse gas emissions as well so they have done something that is worse from the environment so changing gears very quickly So a deb haaland interior secretary dept holland Also visited grand junction hinting once again. It seems to be Something that at least it's consistent here. <hes> hinting that. The bureau of land management headquarters decision could come soon but unfortunately once again we're still kind of in limbo on that right right. Well i don't even know why a decision has to be made headquarters have been moved to grand junction. just leave it there Blm manages land mostly in the west. In fact ninety seven percent of the ellen is in the left so it makes sense to have the headquarters here because the decisions made by the l. m. affect westerners directly. You know not inside the beltway. Not focus on the east coast. It affects westerners whether it's a decision about wildlife conservation or recreation uses or oil and gas and other energy development. Those impact westerners so. Stay out. here. I was glad to see that she met with senator hickenlooper. I'm not sure if he's going to be able to convince her. Not but the headquarters should stay out in grand junction no doubt whatsoever kathleen schema president of western energy alliance We'll keep an eye on this a pleasure as always. Thanks so much for your time and efforts. Where can we learn more about the western energy lines. Thank you very much kaelin Sorry about my technical issues earlier. Energy alliance dot org thank you so much.

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