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Bloomberg All right Brian Okay thanks very much It is now 38 minutes past the hour time for global sports Let's get to Dan Schwartzman so Dan France taking home the nation's league title Yes they do they do win the UEFA Nations League over Spain two to one killing and boppy scores of winner in the 80th minute on what is thought of as a controversial goal Spain thought Brian the PSG star was offsides refs did not agree Meanwhile Italy wins the third place match edging past Belgium two to one as domenico berardi scores on the penalty in the 65th minute for the host country New York Jets falling to one in four in the season a 27 and 20 lost the Atlanta Falcons at Tottenham hot Tottenham Hotspur stadium in London as Matt Ryan throws the 342 yards and two touchdowns For the Washington football team now two and three after 33 to 22 lost to the saints while the New England Patriots at two and three after come from behind 25 to 22 win over the Houston Texans Meanwhile currently a minute 40 to go in the third in Arizona Cardinals E the forty-niners ten to 7 two minutes to go in the third Dallas Cowboys have extended to a 27 to 13 lead over the giant shines have lost three of their top players The number one received with a quarterback and then no one running back saquon Barkley Daniel Jones Kenny gallaudet all out of this one with injuries Big Sunday Night football matchup tonight two and two Kansas City Chiefs hosting the three one Buffalo Bills at arrowhead stadium buffalo coming off the 40 to nothing win over the Texan chiefs getting past eagles 42 to 30 Major League Baseball playoffs top of the 7th the Red Sox in Boston lead the race four to two it's the divisional series game number three series tied to the game of peace for the 5 game set coming up a bit later on its Astros at White Sox Houston leads that series two games to none I'm Dan Schwartzman that your Bloomberg world sports update Rashad Thank you so much for that then right Just take a look at some of the price actions We do get this so called energy cruncher in play at the moment And of course the most likely place you're gonna be seeing that on the market is that oil and taking a look at WTI trading above $80 at the barrel This is Bloomberg.

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