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Yellow what's up backbackers. Willie here all right. This is it. I've been teasing it for weeks is time for the big announcement and look what i want to say. First before we get into anything is that nothing is going to change as far as you getting this podcast every single week. We're not going anywhere. In fact there may be even more episodes even more content for you a little ways down the line. So what is changing. You might ask. Well let me tell you. We've been working on this for a while. I am officially partnering up with twitch to bring back to back to bring the podcast over to twitch and what that means is that all the episodes of back to back from now on. They're going to be recorded. Live live in front of an audience. Live in front of you You could be that audience if you wanna come hang out. While we're recording coming out in the chat participate in these conversations. There's going to be a way to submit questions for us to answer if you're on the bag discord and Yeah this is why. I've been pumping the discord these last couple of weeks. You're going to know in advance who the guest is going to be. You're going to be able to submit your own questions. Questions that might get asked In the actual interview. And then you're going to be able to watch us have these conversations maybe ask your questions live on twitch. I'm really excited about this. I always say the interacting with with you guys with the community here at back to back is one of my favorite parts of doing this show. And now we're gonna get to do that even more so it's gonna be great. I want you to come join me. twitch dot tv slash willie. Joy is where it's all going to go down and we are starting off this wednesday june ninth. My first guest on the new live version of back to back an old friend. Epic is coming back to the show. Epic was my first pandemic guest when the show switched over to zoom More than fourteen months ago. And so i thought it was only appropriate to have him back as we bring the show over to twitch dealing. It live in front of you so this wednesday two. Pm pacific time. That's five pm east. Coast time com hop on twitter. Dot tv slash. Willie joy come hang out with us. Coming out with me and epic while we're chatting and look if you can't make it or twitches in your thing whatever it may be. That is all good to all these conversations. They're still going to be released on whatever podcast platform. You're using to listen to this right now. Every single week the way it has always been. And we've got some plans for what we're going to do with this twitch channel. There might be a lot more content for you coming very shortly before right now. That's what i wanted to say. That's what i wanted to tell you back to back partnering up with twitch. I'm really excited opening it up. So you guys can come hang out while we're recording these conversations. You guys can be a part of these conversations. Joined the bag discord. The link is in the description of this little announcement as well as on. All of my socials submit some questions for me and let me know what you want to hear us talk about. And then come hang out with us this wednesday two pm on twitch twitch dot tv slash willie joy and we are going to kick off this new phase of the podcast together. I will see you on twitch. Wednesday and the podcast. The recording of that conversation will return next tuesday and every tuesday after that You know until forever. I guess until infinity. Podcasts is not going anywhere guys but now you can sit in on the recording of it. I more ways to watch more ways to listen more ways to get involved Look i love this community. So much much loved you guys. I hope you're doing well out there if you're around tomorrow. If you're around wednesday the ninth. Come hang out with me on twitter otherwise i will see you next tuesday much. Love guys for back to back. This is willie joy peace..

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