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This is Thanksgiving week and we all have a lot to be thankful for. This gentleman, boy does he have a lot to be thankful for. He was on the biggest stage at the World Series of poker. He is a Massachusetts native and is a 2021 WSO P main event final tables. There were 6550 people who played in this event. He ended up finishing in 9th place and taking home a cool one $1 million. Welcome to the show. Chase Bianchi. Chase. Thanks for joining us here on the bernardi poker show. Oh, thanks for having me. I feel like a million bucks. Once it hits your bank account, it'll really feel like a normal bike shop. So obviously an incredible experience congratulations, has it kind of settled in? You know, I'm sure it was like everyone says, boy, it was a real surreal experience to go through that week ten days. But have you kind of come back down to earth? Yeah, yeah, definitely sank in a little bit. After called my wife after busting out and her breaking up a little bit and crying of like, wow, we have a house down payment. We can buy a home. You know, things start to get a little more real when you see the real world implications of it..

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