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Dave Ramsey, your host, Dr John Baloney. Ramsey personality is my co host today. Opened phones at Triple 882552 to 5. That's triple 882552 to 5 as we talk about your life, That's why Dr John's here and your money That's why I'm here, and we'll probably both interrupt each other as we go along. It's kind of what we do here. Jamie is with us. Jamie is in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Hi, Jimmy. Welcome to the Ramsey Show. Dave, How are you better than I deserve. What's up? Oh, I wanted to ask you about a little bit of a saddle plan on buying my first home. Um, I have enough cash to buy it. She picks her upper and paid cash without a mortgage. But the problem I have is I need a garage on site. Big enough for one small business. Adults on guy can't afford property with a big garage in the house. So I have to say you're Elvis on better off buying the house, paying cash it and financing put in the building up or the other way around. Mm. Well, I guess it's ah, if it's the same amount of money that you're going into debt. Either way, it's just whichever property you want to end up with right. I guess, but being self employed, it's very difficult to get a mortgage. I was kind of figuring that if I had a property and help the deed to it, it be easier to get a loan for the building. No, no, no, no, no, Be the exact same thing. Because in both cases, if you're struggling to get a mortgage, you're gonna be going to a local bank or other than a traditional mortgage company. So, of course, the other option is to, uh, you know, buy a property to live in and rip your garage somewhere else. Well, the problem. The problem I have with that is I'm I'm sick of ranking. Um And I have Ah, have a young song that I take care of every day. He comes to work with me now, and I'm reeling that realizing that in this post coded world we're gonna within that They're going to cancel school for any time Somebody gets the sniffles, so I figure Better off being prepared to have him there every day with me, right? You know, you understand what I mean. I want to be able to work and live in the same property. So that you're single Dad. No, no, he his mother works full time and I take him to work with me so he doesn't have to go to daycare and stuff like that. So I'm a full time dad. Part time business owner. I guess you could call me You sound like somebody that's on the back end of a really frustrating trying exhausting year. And who was just fed up with the way that the politics and schools and a lesbian run, especially up there on screen. And I would suggest not going into a long term. Dead. 5 10 15 20 year commitment financially over of a current Justin exhaustion in a frustration right now. No, I Agree. I don't know when Uh, Schools are going to normalize, but to project that they're never gonna normalizes is not accurate, right? Um and, uh I don't know exactly what's going to occur, but Is the entire public school system in America going to be App to shut down was sniffles from today forward Now, is it in some places right now? Yes. Is it not in some places right now? Yes, there there. I mean, we're in Middle Tennessee, and it's pretty well open on. They're not freaking out. They freak out more about tornadoes than they do covert right now. And so, um Um, more likely to shut down for that s O. That That's to tell you that it has normalized here. I guess if if you want to call the phrase noise normalized is a good word. I'm not sure it is a good word, but anyway Toe. Doctor John's point, Jamie, I agree. I would not Build a life around this current circumstance. Wouldn't build a dad and home purchase around this current circumstance. Um and but it sounds to me like you just don't want to rent and you're using this is a justification to so I'm buying a house and written a garage. And if kids gotta go to work with a couple times while you rent a garage, I just do that. And, um especially while this is a part time business, Yeah. Yeah. Or you know, by house and have a small mortgage on this Got a garage. I don't care, And you can get that at your local credit union or whatever on if your wife has a full time job and makes an income. And you have a part time business that makes a profit that you pay taxes on properly. You are bankable for a loan. In that case, If you're trying to make zero money on this garage and show that on your taxes because you're taking everything under the table, then you need to do your taxes properly and not take it all under the table and that'll help you get the loan. By the way, but you're also supposed to be paying taxes on their money, or you're really not making any money. You're not making a profit legitimately, in which case you're not bankable. So that's another thing. And oh, in which case you wouldn't need to be running a garage, either, because if you want a garage for a cool hobby Where you're building something or make it something that you like, But you're not making money on it. Exactly. Alex is with us in Sioux Falls. Hey, Alex. Welcome to the Ramsey Show. All right. Thank you. What's up? So I've kind of dug myself a pretty big hole relationship wise and Financially. Mom about 55,000 in debt, not including my mortgage. Yeah. Student loans, credit cards and home equity loan..

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