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You store that come in nature and let's put it all in one formula that's a different thought it's very comprehensive I see most people think vitamin C. really was just good for cold and flu but you've talked about so many other health benefits so how does your supersede twenty two formula helps increase energy when the English sailors came over in the ships in the sixteenth century Italy was the food they were eating when they converted into energy because they didn't pack of citrus fruits like oranges lemons limes and why they developed early when I see people with saggy skin pale complexion feeling listless suffering from joint pain having trouble sleeping bruising these are key indicators of a lack of vitamin C. so we're not getting enough vitamin C. your body isn't producing energy so if that happens how do you expect to function properly the point is is that if you don't have energy which you won't have if you don't have enough vitamin C. in your system you just don't have any movement you don't have any life your life just go down to that degree period I want to talk a little bit about immunity how can your supersede twenty to help bolster someone's immune system about twenty three percent of people in this country have a vitamin C. depletion which causes their immune system absolutely crash your body has something called natural killer cells which are the T. cells which are white blood cells and they're seeking out viruses cancer cells they're like the navy seals of the body and there are a hundred percent dependent on having vitamin C. presidents to be activated so it's very very important and you have to get according to the study at least a thousand milligrams per day and realized that my supersedes twice that amount and this is shortens the duration and the severity of cold while it also prevents colds and flu from coming back well it just makes a lot of sense how does your supersede twenty to help improve your heart health vitamin C. helps reduce the incidence of heart problem first by reducing cholesterol and second by preventing plaque buildup and improving circulation that it does this by strengthening the blood vessel wall might be perceived twenty two formula may also reduce your blood pressure I also have a quite a bit of evidence and personal use with super three my brother in law called me one day said you know I'm I'm over fifty my doctor wants to put me on a cholesterol drug and a blood pressure drug is there anything you can do and so I wrote up a program which included my feel pretty twenty two and he went back to his doctor sixty days later and the doctors yep everything's normal I knew these medications would do it for you need to know all my brothers and natural back three put me on the vitamin C. formula and the rest is history while the other thing it kind of strikes me as unique here is super C. twenty two is.

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