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And we actually were pointing her, we were initially pointing her for a race and allowance race at aqueduct going a mile in the 16th and I said, you know, we better nominate to the 7 furlong was called the ruthless takes just in case. At that time it was kind of a backup plan in our mind and long story short, we took a shot on the ruthless stakes and we got up in the last jump to win it. So that kind of started our little run with her. Then she came back and I think it was called the bush or the next race going a mile. And she ran an okay second in there. The winner ran off in one by about 6 lengths, but we were kind of the only one closing ground and made a deep man and okay run for a second. So we've hung in there and we're running in the gazelle this weekend at a mile and an 8th so we're hoping the at a distance keeps us in the hunt is for 250,000. So we're excited. Does she have to win that race to go on to Louisville? I would say she has to run a very big race in this race to get us thinking about Louisville, the Kentucky yolks. I think it's coming up extra tough this year. She's going to have to impress us with a very good race this weekend. And we're hoping for it, but she's going to have to. Yeah, it's a brutal race, right? I mean, in terms of the Kentucky oaks with the depth of that field, the quality of those Phillies, it's going to be a tough one. So if you're going to go there, you better bring your a game. I'd have to say a really good first or second is something that we think seriously about going to the oaks. But anything below that, I think the yolks is going to be a very tough race this year. Visiting with trainer Billy mowry here on trainer talk presented by phasic tipton. Billy, who are some of the other horses that you've had the chance to train over the years that when you think back on your career, they're always going to hold a special place for you. Well, a trapper was my first stakes winner at bay Meadows years ago now. We claimed him out of a maiden out of a maiden defeat and he went on to win four or 5 in a row winning a stakes race a hundred grand or therapy Meadows for my longtime client Joe mowry, which that was a thrill to win our first stakes therapy Meadows and for Joe and with a horse that we claim. So that was a lot of fun. You already talked about Ali and konia winning graded stakes at Stan Anita, of course, thrilling, thrilling wins. Currently I have a nice group of horses we talked about shotgun hottie, I have a horse named for Henry Williamson that's been a very good horse to IT. He won the Kentucky cup plastic last year. He was second in it this year. He ran second in the alley siba behind last year at Churchill, just a wonderful horse to train, again, great clients to train for. Marissa's lady currently is a really fun filly to train, she's 5 for 6 in her short career already as a three year old Philly, 5 or 6 with a second. So in four of those stakes wins, we're pointing her for the 8 bells grade two on oak day at Churchill going 7 furlongs. She's a really exciting Philly as well. So we got some, we got some excitement in the barn, for sure. You early on, we're making your mark by dominating the claiming ranks. And I want to talk to you more about playing that claiming game, but now you're at the level where you're competing in big races, you know, week in and week out, you're still running in some claiming races, but certainly you have the horses now. They can bring you to higher levels. How cool is that for a trainer to see where you were at one point to see where you are today now? Well, I just, I'm very thankful for it and I realized that these it's all about the horses that you get into your barn and right now we have a really good group. We already talked about the few that are competing at the fake level. But you know you're not always going to have those and you don't know how many of those are going to come and how many of those are going to go. So you got to just be very thankful for having them and I got a really good group right now. And I still have a lot of claiming horses as well. Of course, it's a lot more fun running in the stakes level races. But it's still thrilling and it's still fun to win any race you're running. I don't care what it is. It's still a thrill to win. What are some of the keys to being successful in the claiming game? The claiming game, there's a lot of luck involved there. Especially now with as big as the shakes are for most of these claims. So for the people listing that aren't familiar with the claiming game is, we pick out these claims that we like, but often they're 6, 8, ten, 12 people in for the same horse. And then it's just a random shake as to who gets that claim who gets that horror. So there's a lot of luck involved right from the get go. So you got to get lucky to make a good claim just to get.

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