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Or you could keep it for yourself offer grammercy mike welcome to wwl it was a good time i just call to give my opinion appreciate it uh in my opinion i don't think repair crime will never never stop in all airfare educate the young women heaven's children the children are raising the cable at stop right there mike what what stops there what stops the young children in the young girls in and by the way it's not it's already because it's the boys to the power radio generation end of the already in full swing already has several if you look at that yemen that's all walked up and go penitentiary up dan francisco veal wherever it is the grandchildren other got irap an people they got alive they got father and son dole tabernacle the weather young 17yearold some fifteen and whatever you're gonna crack grapo the ankle i know but you know yesterday i mentioned that for some people go into to prison is a is a family reunion as a family you got all your friends lillay will you up with awkward there forever different generation heiko already we already in motion is not a whole lot that's going to be gone about how the police you you can hire over how many police chief only perry have to go after the rich republican i'm a cheap or in office sampha yeah i mean i i i don't blame the police department because this is more a cultural problem than it is a police probe profit an energy judicial system problem is well aware that they that i thought he was right i want to shake his hand cultural pop it wanted to deal with the b five young guys penalty corner i though that effort how many of them look so if they probably have a gun on it was like sick the federal level oh come on gonna look be alive out of seven of them at least five.

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