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With the looming possibility of a death sentence Ted took matters into his own hands. On July Seventh Nineteen seventy seven Ted attended a pretrial hearing in Aspen Colorado that would determine whether or not he would face the death penalty. That morning during a court recess, ted asked to use the courthouses long library. This was not an unusual request just like he had with Carol. Durant trial Ted was adamant about researching his own defense, and so the deputies allowed ted access alone and unshackled. As. The deputies waited in the hallway outside. Ted opened the libraries second. Window and jumped. As soon as he hit the ground, he felt us, hearing pain. Shoot up his lack. The impact tore ligaments in his ankle, but Ted didn't stop. He scrambled to his feet and sprinted toward the surrounding mountains by the time deputies realized he was gone, already disappeared into the Colorado wilderness. Ted's escape was no impulsive decision. For weeks he'd been planning his escape and he'd worn multiple layers of clothing for the occasion. He was going to need all the warmth. He could get to survive freezing nights at elevated altitudes. Ted was determined to go as high and as far as he could. Ted Remembered psyching himself up as he made his way into the mountains. He later told journalists I was saying to myself again and again you must go, you must go. Don't hesitate. Don't stop! Don't stop. Ted had good reason to keep running because very soon. An army of Colorado ones rallied together to hunt him down. Authorities orchestrated a sweeping manhunt. Locals from the area even showed up to volunteer on horseback armed with rifles. Everyone. It seemed wanted to track Ted Bundy. down. Police set up checkpoints on the only two roads of Aspen, hoping they'd catch the killer as he tried to flee town, but not a single vehicle contained the runaway murderer. Bat was because Ted hadn't left his first night on the Lam. He broke into an empty hunting cabin. Only partway up the mountain. He spent every night after outside in the freezing woods, trekking the wilderness with his injured ankle just steps ahead of a team of search dogs. But eventually a brutal rainstorm forest, Ted from his hiding place in the mountains exhausted starving and nearly twenty five pounds lighter, he made his way to a small town below got a meal and stole a car. It was time to get out of dodge. But Ted's Road to freedom was short on. July Thirteenth Nineteen, seventy, seven at two am. Police stopped a car driving erratically and the highway inside a haggard, looking man with wild eyes, squinted into the beam. The officers flashlight. Finally, they found Ted. Bundy was on the run for nearly a week before he was apprehended when he returned to prison, he flashed his signature grin for the cameras, and as reporters crowded around him. He cracked jokes downplaying his escape. He told them honest to God I just got sick and tired of being locked up. For the next five and a half months ted languished in prison, awaiting his murder trial, but he had no intention of setting foot in court with a twenty five pound head start after his escape, he continued to starve himself until he was thin enough to fit through an opening in the ceiling of a cell where light fixture hadn't yet been installed. In. The early hours of December thirty, first, nineteen, seventy, seven, ted made his move at less than one hundred forty pounds. He lifted himself through the hole in his ceiling, and army crawled through the air shafts into the guards apartment located above his cell from bear. He dropped into the room and stole a set of clothes then he walked out the front door. Ted Bundy America's most prolific serial killer escaped for the second time and slipped into the winter night. Ted Bundy goes on a bloody road trip across America and captures the fascination of the entire country now back to the story. From Nineteen, seventy, four to nineteen, seventy, five, ted bundy murdered at least seventeen women, moving his killing spree from the Pacific Northwest to Utah then Colorado. But when an unrelated arrest led to his first murder charge Ted realized. His time was fleeting. In. The months following his extradition to Colorado, he made not one, but two escapes, and on new, Year's eve of nine, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, seven, thirty, one year, old Ted broke out of prison and disappeared into the night. That morning, using money donated for his Defense Fund Ted Secured. His exit out of Colorado he hopped on a bus to the Denver airport and then took a plane to Chicago from there. He wrote a train to Ann Arbor, Michigan but at the time Ted's priority wasn't hiding out. It was college football. On January. Second Ted cheered on his Alma Mater University of Washington. As they defeated the University of Michigan in the Rose Bowl. Then that night without a single sent to his name, he slept in the sanctuary of a local methodist church the next morning. He stole a car. Ted decided he needed to be as far away from the North West as possible, so he set his sights on the opposite corner of the country. He went to Florida. Ted figured that in Florida. No one would be looking for him. He wasn't wrong. Due to a lack of expedient communication between police departments, the sunshine state was left in the dark. After his escape, in Colorado, the feds got involved in the hunt for Ted. And soon he was placed on the FBI's most wanted list, but even so with no computers and no central database authorities on the east coast had little idea that a killer from the West may be headed their way. On January eighth, nineteen, seventy eight one week after escaping prison in Colorado Ted, Bundy drove to Tallahassee Intel A- Hassi Ted, told people as name was Chris Hagen and after stealing a handful of strangers, credit cards from a local bar. He secured himself a room in an apartment complex next door to a sorority house Chi Omega. Just one week later in the early morning hours of January fifteenth. Nineteen seventy eight, thirty one year old Ted embarked on his boldest crime yet. Ted watched as the sisters of the Chi Omega. Sorority trickled back to the house from their dates and headed to bed by two thirty a m when it. The last girl had fallen asleep. He made his move. Ted slipped through the sorority houses back door, carrying a small oak tree limb. He found in the backyard as he walked quietly through the house, passing portrait after portrait of Sorority sisters past he could feel his heart pound finally, he approached the room.

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