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Time four Forty two here's your traffic and transit on the, twos All kinds of problems let's go to the turnpike and is westbound the exit ramp for Ben Salem right now is. Blocked for an overturned tractor trailer on the. Eastbound side the Pennsylvania turnpike. It's slow from Valley Forge the mid-county approaching, Norris town you have, a crash blocking the left lane. Adding to the delay, new, problem on the Schuylkill expressway it's eastbound approaching. Passion Gavin new broken down vehicle, in the left lane starting to jam up right now taking a Jeep live look at the Schuylkill expressway before that it's pretty much slow the length of eastbound Schuylkill from zero, to all the way to south street Jeep live look see your Jeep dealer. Today and. Experience the freedom that comes with legendary capability ninety five we have a crash southbound at. Broad street in the left. Lane northbound side of ninety five jams approaching academy road also, broken down vehicle still out there in the, left lane getting close the clearing that in Delaware County both sides in ninety five just extra slow from the Delaware line to the blue route busy on the blue route southbound from Villanova all the way down to ninety five northbound is sluggish. From the Schuylkill expressway through the mid-county tolls Still very slow on the northeast extension northbound from the approach of Lansdale to the, quakertown slot traffic out there that sluggish through the ongoing construction zone eastbound Walt. Whitman bridge. Jan the entire length right now with all that short traffic forty two south generally slow. From the Walt Whitman bridge. The lower landing road good news northbound forty two they reopened, the ramp to ninety five they were doing, -mergency roadwork also clear not construction in the right lane onto ninety five north near the forty two freeway that delays getting much better southbound to ninety five now slows approaching route seventy three we do have a report of an accident Lancet expressway still jammed for about three and a half miles approaching Hamilton, for route fifty four accidents still out there blocks the right lane mass transit looks good I'm just in traffic in the TruMark financial twenty four hour traffic center at.

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