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Season is excellent as the show continues to be and net flicks and nbc are reportedly in talks to revive manifest reversing the networks cancellation decision on the overall deal. Front marshal louis. Ryan has linked to multiple year development deal with showtime ahead of the second season premiere of the word generation q. And wrapping things up. Whose penis is getting an animated special which will debut on august twenty seventh on hulu as the second half of season two of pin fifteen awaits a return date that sounds very cool and also smarter them. Because i know you can go back and listen to our show runner interview with the girls from that but they had some serious concerns about how the show would return during the pandemic definitely the the little bit that the little bit that they've teased looks very appealing. And now that ben fifteen is of course emmy nominated for outstanding comedy series Hopefully more people be finding what is truly one of the best shows on tv. Well said dan well with headlines out of the way let's dive into this week's top five number one up i this week. Netflix is reported in second quarter earnings. Adding one point five million total subscribers for a total global hall of two hundred nine million dan so lots of growth here for them but it was ahead of estimates thanks to gains in the asia pacific region but domestically netflix lost four hundred thousand subscribers in the us and canada. So i guess it. All comes down to a matter of perspective whether that's a lot of growth or whether it's a horrible tragedy i've seen several right wing websites saying that. That four hundred thousand subscriber drop is because netflix has become too woke or some nonsense like that definitely nonsense they're well the streamer realistically hasn't had the best year so far. They fell short of subscriber forecasts in the first quarter Finance chief at netflix attributed the weak performance to the pandemic which delayed a lot of high-profile programs. Although ceo ted saran knows did say the back half of the year is back waited which means a lot of big show's coming back so there's a hint that bridgeton will possibly come back This year so that's yet to be determined and well we'll have more on that in in another segment coming up because there's been a couple of Shutdowns on bridgeton shutdowns in the world Yes one of the biggest things that everyone was discussing out of the earnings call was the expansion into gaming which believe that we hinted that last week. What exactly was revealed about that particular new gambit. Not a whole lot. Dan the key pieces that netflix is expanding into gaming with plans for mobile games to eventually be included in its subscription price. But the bigger piece here too is live. Events and merchandising are also part of the streamers larger plan to grow and we can talk about that as we've done before but that's some great evidence of that is seen in the new deal that netflix signed was shot her rhymes which includes yes options for games as well as live events and merchandising so there is a bridge in ball coming up later this year in london. Different cities have already seen the stranger things drive through. This is basically more of what. Netflix is trying to do to keep subscribers interested to keep the name of these shows out there and to really expand revenue streams which is probably the most important piece of it and as always. It wouldn't be a netflix earnings. Call without some utterly s pieces of viewership data but we still lap up the bs pieces of viewership data like it's catholic. Because what else are we gonna do. So what. What exactly did netflix tease about. What it's big hits have been the most recent quarter they released some quote unquote viewership data for shows like sweet tooth and shadow and bone and part two of lupin. But i'm not going to repeat those numbers because as we've said on this show multiple baltimore multiple multiple multiple multiple times. Netflix ratings are bullshit. They're finally said it's straightforward. It's not raining. It's two minutes of a view which you can watch while when auto plays. It doesn't mean that it was an intentional chose intent to view if you believe the. Let the netflix lingo. But i've watched two minutes of of a movie or twenty minutes of a show and then turn it off and not watch more of. I mean everyone's done that it just you know so. I'm going to save this rant for another time. Because y'all averted but yeah. They've said that they're big shows. This quarter were sweet tooth which hasn't been renewed yet and shadow and bone which has and Part of lebanon so the numbers for the have not been as strong as part one but again those numbers are pretty meaningless and you can go back and listen to our interview with the showrunner for lebron and he talks about the show already working on parts three and four of that so it doesn't really matter what they tout it. I mean you know. We've matters in the sense that it's all we have to go on and so all we're doing is kind of creating a comparative well of meaningless data and therefore we can compare it knowing that it's both meaningless data and also that it's completely partial set of meaningless data because it's not like we're getting the meaningless data for every single show so if we're not getting the meaningless data for every single show we don't really know what constitutes a hit or what doesn't because all we can surmise is that if net flicks tells us about something. I guess that means. It's a hit on the other hand as you say where my second season renewal of big of sweet to that you know like come on. That's that seems easy enough. But no there's there's also simply no way of knowing because all we can do is go on feel so from our perspective or at least from my perspective. I definitely felt as if there was less discussion of the second. Half of the first season of lupin than there was the first half But what do i know. Yeah i mean as we talked about what data there is available just a reminder all these streaming services have all the data that we want. They know completion rates. They know how soon subscribers completed which episodes and how quickly they watched and how many times they watched and they've got data on top of data on top of data. So you know maybe this is just my i mean it's not maybe it's definitely my speaking but maybe we should demand better for these companies especially as our colleagues on the film side are now getting a taste of what we've been struggling with i. Well almost a decade's stuff. Finally launched into originals. Let's get some real data here. Netflix transparency is a great thing. Let us know you know. I mean changed the game. You guys did the first time you know. Let us know completion rates. You have all of this information sharing caring last. I heard i'm trying to at least that's what i teach my nieces of no. No that that definitely rings a bell. The whole sharon caring thing. I feel like it might even be true. I yeah i look. It's all confusing. And yes watching watching our film news colleagues attempt to parse whether or not they should be impressed with the pseudo numbers for the zack snyder. Zombie movie at the same time as hbo. Max has been very very quiet about the pseudo numbers for these x. neider eighteen hour Superhero dirge etcetera etcetera all. Look at the. We've had this rant so we don't need to do it again and we're going to do it again so now. It's spilling over into linear. Where we've you know. I was copied on a couple of emails this week. Where a linear network was trying to put out a press release touting some ratings performance of specific scripted show and there was readings actually included in the release. It was like it's up. This percentage from a percentage that doesn't know about what like none of us makes any sense whatsoever. And we're having to sit sit here and say we're not writing this unless we have actual data you guys have the data to so now..

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