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The birthrate i'm here we were told that we need zero population because we need to save the planet and that too many babies was oppressing women of their bodies their education their autonomy you know all of that stuff that you know when they win when he was the left that was the left's way of conducting the genocide against the indigenous population of america the left wing wanted to stop reproduction in america mainly amongst white people because those the only people listen to them and then they are now replacing that would bring in as many immigrants from africa and the middle east as you can because what they're doing is conducting a form of psychological genocide and now a physical genocide against the population how can they say boca area and that there is no crowd since when does the left make any sense i now is my question which one is correct you we need hero population nor do we need more people because we need more people why can't we make our own people well that simple thing to say that the american population should have more babies but they're not going to do it the boys don't have the desire to get married and have children than not man enough to stick it out and raise a child to narcissistic and selfcentred the even stick it out to raise the child because most of the boys in america even the men are like children themselves they're not men they want to be children the rest of their lives so they don't want to raise children i'm talking by and large there are exceptions then you have the issue of the of the same sex issue which there is no children four says they'll reproduction there so where the children going to come from well if wayne bring area immigrant crime carpet about populate and what about the pollution and zero population and no more are i am what am i hope it's meanwhile they're has got to be a limit to a population i mean common sense would tell you there has to be a limit to the number of people that a that a us of that a nation can sustain habit of hot quranic vajkovici hastert look if you if you're even if you did basic biology in high school you did you ever take biology with the you.

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