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How I wanted to ask how to the live shows compare now versus when you would I see nine inch nails shows they're still pretty intense I will say the very first ones like where he was coming out it was like the infamous woodstock like that they just thrashed across the stage like since will get thrown in like. Members with Yankee other around by the hair and like guitars smacking people, it's intense like those early shows. Now, they're still a really intense imagery, but I still do believe that. Visually Salad wise light wise for sure. One of the best visual like experiences you can have in done. He plays stadium now like in a statement of like or at he's radio city or wherever like the larger venues he's on that level of like a radiohead and like just literally the visuals are just so beautiful lighting team and somebody told me that he shares lights with radiohead like that. They shared tour life, beautiful lighting, unbelievable imagery, the setup. He's in it like they. You can tell they're in it to win it. I actually have a trance story that a friend of mine was very nice to for one of the tourists to get. US tickets in we had backstage passes and she was. With him and so she's like almost go say high really quick and okay. So again. Thirteen year old or no older than me likes eighteen nineteen year old deals keep it the book together. got. Freak out. Like. Her friend like be real cool here, and so like I literally just like stood in class my side and like. So. We got back to. She was lovely. Really Nice. He literally like had just gotten off stage and he like brought by had somebody brings back and we're in there while he's getting a B. Twelve shot like after the show he puts everything into he wishes exhausting covered in sweat getting a B. Twelve shot like. I can't believe that he does at Fort Entire tour like. You..

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