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Where you are with Brandon Toland physicians Longoria got hit on the hand, they hope will be okay today. Cueto. Uh, still with the flexor strain. He is in the Dominican Republic. There's a death in his family. Murata. We should see him any day and for Rogers. He got that line drive on the bicep, but I think he'll be all right. Time now, for today's X factor of the game sponsored by Rely Quest, defending the world's largest companies against cyber threats. Make security possible at relying quest dot com. The X factor for me is speed the speed. They like to run now, and the Giants are going to have to stop that running game more coming up right after this. My girlfriend is really into fashion, and she's particular about what she likes. That's why I went to Shane Company for her engagement ring. I wanted to get it right. And I knew I definitely needed some help. So I met with one of their jewelry consultants. The only thing I knew going in was that she wanted a platinum ring, and her favorite color is pink. He showed me tons of ring settings and platinum. I learned it's a premium metal that develops a patina over time and platinum makes a great family heirloom, which is really cool. We picked the perfect style for her. Then we looked at all the options for center stones. He told me that Shane company is known for their vibrant natural sapphires. I like the idea of doing something totally unexpected. So I chose an awesome pink sapphire for the center of her ring. I knew I nailed it. My girlfriend. I mean, my fiance. Said she couldn't have imagined a more beautiful ring. Now you have a friend in the jewelry business, Shane company and Schrenko dot com Hey, it's Dwayne Kipper, stepping out of the broadcast.

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