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Four o'clock. Good afternoon. I'm Kim Gordon. The news is sponsored by Apple chevy dot com A new Corona New Corona virus cases in Illinois, inching closer to 2000 cases a day. More postponements across baseball after positive Corona virus tests, and the White Sox have called up Nick magical, bringing the latest in sports and in business, some of Chicago's most popular restaurant's suing over panda Mick shutdowns while mayor like that lightens up on rules for bars, WG in traffic. Here's Lauren Latka, and this report is sponsored by Window Works I 55 South still closed at US six because of a crash involving two semis. Traffic is solid from US 50 to a crash on I 94 Easters block in the left lane at Lake Porter County Line. An accident in Bonn on the Dan Ryan is in two left express lanes at 31st. Traffic solid in blood on the Kennedy from Montrose. Right now, it's an hour from O'Hare up on Eisenhower Step and go between Western and 25th Looking at a 50 minute trip to 3 90 upon Stevenson that's backed up until Cicero. It's 45 minutes to Veterans Memorial with over 1005 star Google reviews Window works is You're easy choice to replace your windows now take 60% off labor. No money down no interest in no payments until 2020 to visit my window works dot com for a down to the penny price. I'm Lauren lap from the Idol Traffic center, reminding you to drive responsibly. It really is a matter of life or death. The news is next, but first the WG and forecast here's meteorologist Dimitrius Ivory, partly called into mostly clear skies tonight, the overnight low temperature in the mid sixties. Tomorrow we'll see how high in the mid eighties.

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