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Com Have you ever been vacuum packed into a shrunken coach seats wishing the airline CEO had to endure the same discomfort Wall Street Journal travel columnist Scott McCartney asked a couple of these, guys to do it Scott what did you do I. Thought it would be good to talk. To each airline CEO about economy shrinkage in economy is just a topic that, really frustrates travelers, and has is probably the biggest, topic out, there right now on on board airplanes and so I wanted to do it with them in I wanted to see if they. Fit I'm first of all I know a, couple of them are, are rather tall, six, foot three. And I and I wanted, to you know be there with their, knees up against the seat in, front of them and have them justifying what what they've done to travelers. So reached out to the three biggest, airlines American delta and United and delta said yes American said no and then I said but Delta's gonna do it they say oh, we'll do it too and and United declined to to. Do it gave him several opportunities and. And they declined to comment on on why they weren't gonna do it but, the result was, interesting interviews I think with with, both with, Doug Parker of American and it bastion of delta on board airplanes sitting in the seat and and having them explain to the. Travelling public why they've shrunk coach and both, those guys said they're, okay with it, right Yeah In both said, they they do fly in in coach. Seats they did both pledge not to go any, smaller which I thought was. Significant and their attitude is if you want more room by, it they've they've spent a lot of money and work very hard to create by up, opportunities extra legroom coach, seats and now on international flights premium, economy which is both extra legroom and a and a wider seat and and and better service really sort of more like what business class once upon a time used to. Be and and then of course the business class cabin in front which have gotten fancier and fancier life, flatbeds and and now even sort of individual suites in business. Class so that's their strategy travelers complained that they've made, coach basic coach so unappealing and they're forcing you to buy up. Man their attitude, is you, know if you want a bigger, apartment you're going to pay a higher. Rent. Wow We're speaking with Wall Street Journal travel columnist Scott McCartney he's, written a piece entitled when airline CEO's try the cheap seats. And he got a couple of CEOs to sit in those skimpy. Little seats in an interview of that way but the. Eating get him, on a, flight relegates six hour flight with, a person sitting on either side of. Them Part of that was, my Kuwait I didn't I didn't wanna do it, on a plate because they're just too many distractions, appointed noisy, when I interviewed people on board airplanes I have a hard time. Hearing them sometimes it's more difficult to do an, interview when you have a bunch. Of strangers sitting around listening in I wanted to have a good conversation with these. Guys and it was also the. Logistics of ood like I'm not, going.

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