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From the stretch the pitch swinging a high long flyable in the right center field that's gonna hang up here for a yeah right at the edge of the warning track he's there to make the cash Joe Bruce's retired and that'll bring up Cesar Hernandez Bruce now to for for AJ mentor was recalled from triple a on June eleventh for his second stint with the big club he started the season with the big club news first pitch is on the way in in there for the strength to Hernandez who's one for three we turn Hernandez keep him on the right side after starting the game on the left side against Soroka he is a better hitter from the left side by a lot swing and a miss preview the splits on Hernandez the switch hitting second baseman for the Phillies as elected a banner the two ninety seven three sixty on base for seventy slugging as of right handed batter two thirty three average two sixty one on base and just the two ninety one slot you'll want to get him on the right side in higher leverage situations for sure twos outside one ball two strikes mentors the fourth pitcher the new game for Atlanta in the left hander keeping Hernandez on the right side is at the chin with picks the leg up in deals that's gonna be called strike three internet is down on strikes to the second time that I've gone here the top of the seventh inning does it bother you knew that was coming well sometimes our guys it's almost like you can not the bat out of their hands are too so much weaker on one side of the plate than the other member dexter Fowler the cardinals outfielder cubs World Series championship start to screw with the Rockies but when he first got to the big leagues I mean it from the left side of the plate is a natural right handed hitter from the left side of play you it looks like he could knock about a sense of the good fastball first to Brad Miller is done in a way for ball one he has since figure that out in very strong from one side of the plate now Brad Miller Benny to eighty six these got the bare hands on that bat left handed hitter ready for the next Sweeney popped up this is a high fly ball down the left field line again to fall territory is there makes the catch there is more money over the and halfway into the first row of seats later sued road natural third baseman learning leftfield man he ran a long way for that the Big Boy one two three go the Phillies in the top of the seventh time to stretch here in Atlanta through six and a half it's eleven nine Philadelphia six this.

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