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Those kind of numbers that doesn't mean those three were better than Jordan and Alon and shack mode. They warrant, but they're comparable in every era. So when you talk about counting numbers Yes Lebron James like Westbrook did it's not that they're not super great. If that that those numbers don't tell the whole story, that's number. One number two nights denies becomes like a religious. To still makes any again. All the uses stuff, but they still have the. They stood as a player. You still have to put in that work. UK discredit these. Let's talk about the have to go out there and perform. They Move Lebron. Geron great performance, an extremely high level. Let's talk about that. Lebron is great, super great, one of the greatest ever including this season. No doubt about it. There's never been a team in the history of basketball with two top five players. It's not a powerhouse I'm not diminishing what he's doing. He is a great point guard. He's the best point guard basketball and if he played the four be. Be The best four. You know like wherever he played. He be the second best player in that position in the sport, but you put any to top five players on the same team from any era. They're going to be great. So Lebron is getting a little too much credit for that with the Lakers now and finally we could can either do this. According to religion or science religion people including you perk worship at the altar of Lebron James. Is You have an undisputable hypothesis in other words you believe something and no amount of evidence is going to convince you otherwise a scientist. You take the evidence and you adapt as you see it. What are you going to say if and when co? Why is the finals MVP again this year? My prediction is you're gonNA. Come up with excuses for Lebron. Well, that's because he had Patrick Beverley or this one or that one playing defense and Blah Blah everything except just acknowledging what we just saw. megs. Max Max. You're wrong. Because last year I was I was I was one of the first people. Mitch Awhile Limit About. Kawara Jordan. And I got killed about it, and then he went on one of the greatest playoff runs in the history of the NBA. So you're rogue about that I never so don't act like I'm. Kowa, but when I'm telling you right now, the question is is there. Who's the best basketball player in the world? And my opinion and I'm standing by? It is Lebron James. Now you sit up. Against some these layoffs either the broad. What to main. Well they played three times this year so far the too high profile National Games opening day and Christmas. Kawai did his thing. He was the best player on the floor. Clearly better than Lebron Lebron played chemo wave from coli. Beat them the third time. That's two-to-one Kawai. Let's say the clippers go out and beat. The Lakers and Kawhi has a better series and the clippers win and go on to win the championship. What would you say then? My prediction is you come up with excuses for Lebron. I won't make excuses for the brunt if that that's. What would you? Won't make excuses for? Really won't because here's the deal. Guys like Lebron. We always appreciate them when they're no longer around. It's the same thing with Michael Jordan. People appreciated Michael Jordan for the ATHOL defect fact and didn't realize his greatness. That's why look at Lebron James Still being the best player in the world because I think so many people, not you Max, but so many people have Lebron James Fatigue. Because he's been this great his entire career, he was great. Great the mini, he stepped on a basketball court and people knew he was going to be great. Nobody saw this from from Lebron James. Nobody saw this so at a certain point we we get seduced by the fact that we know he's going to be great and we WANNA see. Other people do something else and when they do that. We inflate them a little bit like I said Max, not you. Know the people that do that. steph curry has to MVP one. He definitely deserves but then the other ones but Bron. James had a better season. Steph Curry, but I wasn't mad at people. Giving steph curry the MVP because of the fact that there was Lebron James Fatigue so I still think a lot of Lebron to keep waiting at a certain point win. Is he going to slow down? The guy continues to show that more than ever before he's the best athletes who have played in the NBA and still doing that at this level. The way he plays is tremendous is been able to do that. He's still the best league in my blood for for. First of all joy of all the heights Jordan reached higher than the heights. That Lebron reached perk. I hate to break it to you, but I will say this for Lebron. No player in the history of the NBA has ever maintain this for this long like top three all time at his peak, and he's done it now way deeper into his career. Even than Kareem did as a pro. Of course, he didn't have the Ford at the college experiences the Korean. But he's doing it like that, but that's the proper comparison. Lebron in terms of that stuff is Kareem the heights plus the longevity Mo, and that's amazing, but he's not getting extra credit from me. Guys like there were regular seasons where. Someone else had a better regular season than Lebron not better overall because you have to include the playoffs. What I'm saying about is coup. Why just showed near MVP regular season all time great in the playoffs? Lebron's gotTA show. He can still do that those playoffs that he can be better than that in the playoffs. We don't have that in the last year two years back. We got fresh evidence from coli so Max if the Lakers do go onto. Suck you. May that Lebron James is the greatest player in the world. The best player in the world. Always. Bron James. Do you. Charlie, no, no, he's not. GonNa do Charlie he goes say oh. He was supposed to do that. He was playing with Anthony Davis a tough are. Already see what you're doing because you're GonNa mail. What Lebron James goes out and not right. What excuses excuses a you? Know. What excuses are you GonNa? Come up with when. I loses to Lebron James and the Los Angeles School. Let me tell you. What are your? Changed the same the same thing I thought when I thought the game had changed to the point where Steph was now the best at the end of that finals, and I was there for that game. Seven at Oracle I came out the next day on sports nation at the time or the next time we were on and said sorry. Lebron I was wrong. You're the best. I was wrong this whole time I will say the exact same thing if he takes the crown back from coli. What we do have to debate therefore. You get ready to see. You. Get ready to give it up for. Look. The debate has come to an end for today, but I have a feeling. It is not over for good. I think we can all agree that much Kendrick always a pleasure having you on the show. Thank you so much. Guys guess what coming up. You heard about this fight. I last week right here on I take and coming up next to you is one half of the Roy Jones Mike Tyson Exhibition. Fight on September Twelfth Roy Jones joining us to talk about it right after this quick break..

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