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You are listening to Florida gardening. Hey, welcome back to Florida. Guardians is our number two. Glad to be with you. Here this morning. I real quick before I go to Jean and then Rick I got to if Karen is still listening thought of a couple more things that she could plant that are drought tolerant out there and Zolfo springs that will do fairly well for her, and, of course, society garlic society. Garlic, I got a bunch of that plant it, and boy, I'll tell you know, care at all I have to that. And it's it's just flourishing like crazy crying Lois. That's right crying and movies do fairly well there they form. Nice. Lots of good caller for you Lynn antenna, a multi grass, Mojo grass does absolutely fantastic. Connect- dry area also named Dina domestic name Dina domestic very very well fade Joola. So she. You can get some fruiting plants out there. And of course, citrus. You know that is citrus country. So I think about some small citrus trees, Karen. And maybe that will help you out as well. All right. Let's go to Jeanne in Sarasota, hey, gene. Good morning. How are you? I'm well. Thank you. Good. I had this very on the back part of my okay that never cease to dry out. It always wet even if I turn. A tree right in at all. And I have. The palm trees on the corners are surrounded by ginger. All righty. I need a plant between. And the palm tree, which is I think one of those. Dot com. Pretty. The. What do you? Call those yellow. Oh, sure. Yeah. It might be. Okay. But if it's always wet that that could be a problem for that. Yeah. So then I tried to. I think that's what they're called. Yeah. The one on the. Disappeared. Right. The other two on other side, they're disappearing too. Sure now now, I is it wet because the the the pool or is it. Why why is it so wet? Because I think. I think I think. That it's just. I see. So so you got you. You've got something that's going to be wet regularly. And you want some recommendations, I some wet soil. Yeah. All right. We'll try Florida Anna's Anna's works really good in wet soil. Okay. NIFC? Yes. Have you ever? Have you ever seen a probably change the name of it? I think it's just teasha analysis. The shrimp plant the shrimp plants, they always did very very well in in wetter soil. So that was another one. Another one that if you can find would be the best one that you're gonna get is t- owl of Auras mantis fragrance is mantis fragrance off. Just go t t an hour of like t- like you drink, tea and olive like you put in the MARTINI. Of. Yes, if you can find that plant, boy, I'll tell you that that's the one that keep that's that's the that's the real good one for you. Okay. Those are those choices will give you something that will do well in that area because they tend to do fairly fairly decently. Even if they have wet soil. Okay. Wonderful. Thank you so much while you're very well. You know, something else would do. Well. But I don't want it to spread too far at night blooming. Jasmine, just different things pop into my mind as I talk they blooming. Jasmine would also work there too. Now, what about what about this gets? Well, the only viscous that. I would recommend would be the what we call the swamp high viscous okay swap high biscuits. Now, there's many callers of high biscuits most viscous way wanna be on the drier side. But the swamp by this absolutely no problem. Okay. All right. All right. You even even another one, here's fire Bush, someone talked about fire Bush told me last week, and that just popped in my mind to fire Bush, I works well on the side of. A little retention area. And it does very well there too. I do have some of those on the back of my house, and they are thriving. Yes. There you go. Okay. Thank you so much. You are. Okay. Thank you. Bye. Bye. They want to know if you have any Goto varieties of mango that you recommend for sure. Well, no, I put it in the ground. Okay. I just don't want it to get real big maybe under twenty feet. Well, you you should can, you know, anybody planting in a new tree at this point. Okay. If you're planting a nutri, I can't do nothing about a forty foot tree at this point. But if you're putting in a new tree you need to start maintaining those trees at twelve feet period. Every year you're going to cut it down after after after harvest fruiting after harvest you cut it down, you cut it back to twelve feet. Okay. Then let it grow then cut it back to twelve feet or eleven and a half feet or something like that. So that you you you get another. That's where you need to maintain them. And that is what they're doing in south Florida now at all the all the different groves that they have avocados and mangos and everything else. That's what they're starting to do. Just like they do citrus trees, I cut it anywhere from ten to twelve feet. Okay. And that's because for for picking and for availability. What good? Is it a mango that is up at the top of a forty five foot tree that falls to the ground. Nothing. Right. Okay. So a twelve footer you get to you can get to a hand held picker. Right. Yeah. So you want to look for a Pickering mangled Pickering? Another good variety is the Chokhin choking on C H A N choking on. And so many Lulu. I like Lulu as well. The chokat. I'm sorry. That's okay. That's that's that's a avocado the but Lulu. And what else there's a oh my gosh. There there there. There's there's dozens of newer varieties now. And there is a show coming up. I know you're you're in Newport Richie. So you're right across from the show coming up in October. I believe it's October next month at the university of south Florida botanical gardens, and you could probably stop by there and pick up some really nice trees. Yeah. There's a there's a. An organization that you mentioned every now and then there's a gentleman who had a tropical plant. Well, there's the fruit counsel. Yeah. I think that's what it is. I think that. Yep. Rare it, and then of course, I always talk about some good friends of mine to Jeff Dodson Dodson tropicals who specializes in allow the mangoes avocado trees as well. Whereas dotcom trophic they're down. They're down in Pinellas park area there by appointment only. But they can get just about anything you want to. Okay. And they're the ones that I usually get from. Okay. Can you get trees from Griff council law? Sure. Yeah. They usually have a booth out there. Right. But I mean other other than at the show are they do they do I think it's at this at the shows at the shows or meetings at me sometimes at the meetings, they have small ones at the shows. They have better ones. But okay, you know, there's are all going to be usually like the three gallon size. I'm going to be honest with the you know, it's all about getting the plans to the show if you want a larger one, and I know this might be a trip to go down to like Dodson nursery. But if you call them up and say, you want them to bring it with them to, you know, buy one time to get your big one and bring it to the show up there at university, south Florida botanical gardens, that's right across from you. You know, and you and they'll bring it and have it right there at the nursery. And and you pick it up or a right there at the show, and you just pick it up at show. When you say, call them, call rare fruit or call dot no I've called Dodson because he I are you looking for a little baby three gallon or are you looking for a tree? Now. I'd like to get something that maybe. You know, maybe four or five feet. Well, that's that's that's like a a three gallon. But you know, I prefer getting a tree for me. It's bigger. I'm looking for a a seven gallantry. Okay. So. If you're a real young guy, you know when I was real young. I say, hey, I can grow that from a seed, no problem. You know, I've got I've got years and years and years to go. Well, I that's not the case anymore for me. So I I would prefer I've been doing this program now for twenty five years. So I would prefer to get a tree that's ready to start producing. And that's what I want to happen. So I will order I will order larger trees and for me, I'm getting fifteen to twenty five gallon trees. That's what I want. So I get even bigger ones. But Dodson tropicals if you go online, just look Dodson, trout, D O D S O N tropicals, and you can talk to Jeff and let and say, hey, you know, I'm interested in picking up, and he is an expert as far as all these trees and varieties. He'll give you some. Variety to choose from. Maybe you want more than one. I don't know. I, but he will tell you what to get. And the next time. He goes to pick up these trees because he goes down to south Florida to handpick all all the trees, and he will buy the tree that you want. I've done that many many many many times with him. Okay. So, and you know, if he can bring it all the way up to you, or maybe you just want to go to his nursery and pick up to that's fine too. He'll he'll he'll get you on that as well. So. You know, the date of the show is at USF. I have to look it up. I think it's going to be. October is going to be mid month usually the second or third week in October. I'll go online look it up. Yes. It'll be online. Okay. All right. Thanks a lot Mark. All right. So try Dodson's. I think though, I think that's where you're going to get your best. Looking tree. I will do that. All right. Good deal. All right. Thanks, very. Yep. Yeah. And as I say, Jeff, he's he's got the best. Now edge. You know, everybody specializes in one thing were another. And you know, mine I I pl- America's back. I'm I'm I'm a specialist and plumas, but other people are specialists in what they do. He's a tropical fruit tree. That's what his specialty is the tropical fruit clubs specialists and tropical fruit, the Bogoni society specialist and begonias, I know a little bit of a lot of things, but I don't know everything call the professor that's why it's always say call call if you want specific knowledge about a specific plant call the people that that's what they deal with every single day, and you're going to be doing so much better..

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