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So this this is not new folks. It's it's been going on for decades for some reason it It reminds me of Louie anderson's a one of his Routines comedian route. Louie anderson you talked about how racist father was and you go. He goes that black guy over there. No no no no look at them. It's like it's like always under under your under the breath the breath you know 'cause so so in this kind of situation you know it's like quietly in the background. Let's pull the dean inside and going really sure was calculated correctly. I mean look exactly the same thing it really same thing a history of overlooking black valedictorians back in one thousand nine hundred ninety one a federal judge in covington georgia resolved a dispute between a black high school senior that a black high school senior had with the white student over who gets to be valedictorian by making them. Share the honour okay. That's to me that. That is a cantu participation trophy later. The white students family asked the school drop his candidacy from the academic honor. Now whether they did that because it was the right thing to do or that. They didn't want the kid sharing the stage with a black kid. It's glut never going to be known but it begs the question in twenty eleven camberley wimberly. Okay a black student in little rock. Arkansas had her valid valedictorian. Honor stripped away by her principal to be given to a white student with the lower. Gpa wembley's lowest grade. During all four years of high school was a be the rest of wimberly's courses honors and advanced placement. She received as in her lawsuit. Wimberly claimed that a day after being informed that she was the ballot. Torian for mcgee. I'm sorry i mckee high school. The principal told her mother molly bratton that he decided to name. A white student co valedictorian..

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