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That feeling of home and hearth that lake pile of girls reading the letter letter feeling right that is so essential to the film. Yeah I mean I think it's funny. I never thought about it is. There's no real antagonist inist until people started bringing that up to me and I was like. Oh yeah they're right there isn't I guess for me. I don't know with all movies but but particularly with this story. If felt like the thing was I wanted people to crawl inside the screen and live there with these people. People and I don't know all directors are all different but for me like I need to love my actors like I need to feel like I I mean because I'm spending all this time with them to and so That I I picked people that I love and then I I hope hopefully hopefully shoot them lovingly and then then everybody gets a big warm feeling I I mean it's not the only thing I'm interested in but Certainly with this story was a big part of it it's bull's eye I'm Jesse Thorn. I'm talking with Greta Gerwig. So as you mentioned the structure the film and the structure of little women hangs on the question of marriage. Yes and you set that up right right up top. Yeah Mary do dead. Yeah married her dad. Do you intend the story in your film. To end ambiguously in terms of marriage I do the end of the book on the one hand and then do the end of life on the other hand. I always find that question actually symptoms of asked you know in Q.. Naser they were like but what really happened. This is all fiction. I don't even know what the ontological reality of that question is in terms of You know I definitely had an idea behind it of real and fiction but the fiction is just as real as the real because it's all constructed anyway but you you know. Maybe it's my like Christopher Nolan spinning up at the end with a dream I don't know Greta Gerwig I have have so love both of your movies and I'm so grateful. He came back here to talk about this. When it's a real it's a real achievement and thank you? It's really awesome. Thank you. It was so fun to talk again. Greta Gerwig little women is so great you have to go see it. It's still in theaters. it's also nominated needed for six academy awards including best supporting actress best actress best adapted screenplay and Best Picture will win. You can find out Sunday. February February ninth on. ABC On television show called the Oscars. That's the end of another episode out of Bulls Eye Bulls eye is produced at maximum fun dot Org World Headquarters Overlooking Macarthur Park Los Angeles California where the city of Los Angeles is planting planting some new plants and they appear mostly native. So hey shout out to the city of La and while we're at it shot to the county of La. They do good work to the show is produced by speaking into microphones. Our producer is Kevin. Ferguson Hey Soussan. Barosio is our associate producer. We help from Casey O'Brien our production fellows are Jordan cowling and Melissa. DNS are interstitial. Music is by Dan. Wally also known as Dj w our theme song is by the band. The go team our thanks to them and to Memphis industries their label for letting US use it and one last thing we have decades of interviews on this show we've had and three very different conversations with Greta Gerwig. Why not Go back and listen to my conversation with her about lady bird or go back a little further further and listen to my conversation with her about her acting career She is cool lady. We're also on facebook twitter and Youtube. Just search for Bullseye with Jesse Thorn you can find it on any of those platforms All the interviews on this show and all of our interviews from the past few years on Youtube if you WANNA go browse around our a youtube channel. I think that's about it. Just remember all great radio host signature. Sign off Bullseye. With Jesse Thorn is a production of maximum fun dot Org and and is distributed by N._p._R...

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