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As at even bus will on asked the question len as full name has not been treated with consistency after years of being identified only as lenny homer dress in his linford lisa dressed as mr leonard respectful this would appear to make his full name linford leonard but by the dressed him as lenny linford in the tour season 23 episode at long last leave of does that you see i was some of these are member some of these at dawn season 23 i was gomba yeah longgone like i'm looking at just looked at the twenty top 25 peripheral characters i'm trying to see if there's any overlap like this is gatt like fat tony moment when i think aside characters that's what i think of direct duff man like demands a topfive sikierski restock inside geared up by may now we have to do it new doctor on it they're all great let's get a glitzy through your top five without even seeing the rest on olano huts is in their yup i know who register dr neck done i iran were elliott duff man duff manned in there it's the mm close in their homologous satchel bob number two i don't hate it but he wouldn't be my number two they got wiggham willie barney linen carl cletus cletus is amata comic book uh he's honorable mention he's not in my top five died comic book guys quietly the most important television character why glass fifty years he tie oak premier tough i had i not going to egypt at but like a terms of like what the editor at commenters become like dow hit like at at wide so great.

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