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Eighty hospitalizations dated last thursday. Only forty four percent tested positive within fourteen days prior to admission well forty three percent tests positive within two days of admission and thirteen percent tested positive in the days and weeks that followed including those likely to have caught. the virus. In vaa hospital is web gets tickled tangled and mangled more. We look at expert said the high number cases being detected belatedly and a time when. Pcr jazz were widely available. Suggested many such patients had been admitted for other read than the this needs to be fixed as a matter of urgency said. Hey professor karl. Hennigan director of the center for evidence based medicine at the university of fudge. Buffet on get a home of the guy. Nearly eighteen months into the corona doom. It is absurd that data breaking down hospital. Admission still is in publicly available on a regular basis. No all also when you really need the daddy cake get it. There will release it. Why because the rockefeller foundation rothschild the luminosity. Whoever the hell else is behind the ball cannot have the actual truth. Come out that there. Never has been a pan sham democ by by by by the Counting all patients who test positive as covert hospitalizations is inevitably misleading and gives a false picture of the continuing health. Impact is virus by the by. Where are the debt scrolls. I asked this question yesterday. There's no death scroll even on the clinton news network and fox news. Those scaremongering jerks Msnbc doesn't have a death scroll anymore. Cbs doesn't have a death grohl. You know what they now have. They have aware of a case. Scroll even though his. I pointed out several times in the last week in over the last year a case requires three things. These people only get one of the three inch dubious to assert that they even get to one if the story continues of hospitalizations covert or a key determinant of how concern we should be and how quickly restrictions should be lifted. It's important that the data is not presented in a way that could lead to the wrong conclusions. Being joined being drawn said greg clark chairman of commons fines and technology select committee. It creates an impression that all these people are going into the hospital with the corona doom. And that simply is not the case. People are worried and scared and not really understanding the true picture. That is what. I find despicable one. Nhs data expert told the telegraph times. Wonder how many. Us co covert hospitalizations. We're only diagnosed past or post admission keeping in mind of course that. Us hospitals are paid more for covert patients under the cares deck show. You would admit a minute. Hey 'cau- for me. Oh yeah you're sick. You've got the flu. Follow the money always about money right. Let me look into your eyes with my little light. Oh yeah you definitely got corona doom is. I'm checking you get snake is carotid. Do my checking you in his covert. No dude talk. I'm not here. Because i have any problem breathing. Or any shot off his stick the apple in his mouth. Now why do we keep bringing his. Somebody asked me yesterday. Don't you think that listeners and people around the world have corona doom fatigue. I said. I don't think i know that they have it but do the crisis is not. Oh look the scam to take over the world and do whatever the hell out the demons or attempting to know larue corona doom. It's not over. You can't just walk away. You just throw your sore down and go. I don't wanna play a game anymore i'm leaving.

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