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Nine three eight five the pistons game yesterday was a discount. Absolutely a disgrace. And I'm reading the story. Did there's a few things that get me today was in the paper day now the pistons really making a move at Conley now Khamis good players a solid all around player, but he's making way way way way too much money. And they said they meant to settle for comedy and Griffin is your main take. Well, look, here's the problem. People think that the pistons need a point guard the heaven point guard, and he's Smith when he's healthy like the other night, and I blame coach Casey a little bit for this and Griffin for the rest of it. He. They haven't played off the ball. Well, he's not an off the wall guard. Not a great defender. He's not a great shooter. He's a point guard. He should be handling the ball. Not grip Griffin can handle it. Sometimes it's good power four point power four. But not bringing the ball up the court. I don't know if his ego will allow the point guard to do that. They're gonna have to sit down with Griffin. Explain what's going on here too. What he choke in the second half to even Vince Ellison. He hurt the team later in the game Griffin. When they keep talking about him being a leader. And I've talked about this before leader of what? Look at the team under grant Gundy, laughter wasn't very good. Right. You'll admit that. It's better news this year. And there are better team. This your talent wise a much better team. But for some reason, they played better under Van Gundy. Don't know. And I don't criticize Van Gundy. Although a system is hurt Jackson the Shirlow. He's coming out of it a little bit now. He's not a three point shooting. They want to go to the hoop and even that runner into going to the holy doesn't do that anymore. That's what made him pretty good. Look last year. Jackson was injured Griffin was injured most of the time when he got here and the team still played better than the within this year. This team. What do you do on the trade deadline now the thinking of trying to get something for his Smith? Now who who are the backwards gonna handle the ball? Now. Of course, you've got Griffin Cornell veasley, this is not good. It's not good situation to the future. And it looks like even the best thing to do. Probably the stage. Trade griffin. That's your best option. Gore's, not look like a fool if they create Griffin. His Ziegler will be shot because he said, oh, we're going the way we've got to spend we made a commitment to him. He made a commitment to me. And and besides we got a special relationship that relationship is. I don't know. But maybe you can explain it. But it's not good. I wonder if the business will make the playoffs you at the beginning of the year. I don't know that they'll make the playoffs. It is not good at all. Interesting thing here the record since they acquired Blake forty eight and forty six clippers record since they trade him away forty four and forty eight. And the clippers pick not to make the playoffs this year. Before forty. I think they picked him. I'm not sure about forty forty forty and forty two and the pistons were predicted to make the playoffs and look the difference in the records of the two teams. This is not good. Not good at all. Let's go to the phones. Wait, Email a little bit tabloid Windsor. You're on sports talk. Hey, Ron an hour. I understand it was a strange odor in Detroit this morning. But I heard it. I said, yeah. Those are all the people DVR in the pistons game last night. The is also downriver they've got a real problem down river the sewer tanks and all that. Yeah. I know. I guess this. I don't know where the I don't know where we're at this particular gaffe came from Detroit, but marathon gas refinery think that's what they think it is. But anyway. Oh, I looked at the worry. A couple of hours ago, and I thought name from the past Ed. Who? Like pink used to play for the Detroit Saint Martin to poor is football running back in the late sixties. I have no idea who he is. No. He was really I used to follow him quite avidly because he was about five eight one six eighty played at his college football. You tap. A thoroughly died on the twenty fifth. He was sick was a week with my buddy, Fred rebate. Some of the other callers, one of them will probably fill you went about it, please. But yeah, he's the follows career all the time. Does he play pro ball? Did he play pro ball now? No, no. He played college. Volley played at you tip. You know, university of Texas El Paso. But anyway, you know, it's funny. My great niece Madison will be four to fourteen tomorrow. Good though, brother. My great nephew. Kristen today. He'll be fifty nine Tuesday. So one might niece was about ready to have a Danielson the doctor wanted to know. Well, you know, considering that her brother, you know, book could you wait to have tomorrow. My niece told me I told the doctor Noam ready for her to be born tonight. Good for her. Good for you. Maybe anyway. Yeah. I know. Well, anyway, Christians harasses birthday with Henry era and the Don cherry though, both the eighty five to going eighty five. Yeah, he's going to be eighty five. See the TV show. We did they played that Windsor lot. When the Don cherry. I remember that. Yeah. It was on Don, Shirley, pleaded Windsor three or four times. I thought. Yeah. Yeah. I think I thought and as far as Battiston concerned, she shares her birthday was Rosa MacAulay park was born in nineteen thirteen on February fourth her. Don cherry singer on their now. Cherry the singer, Don share. Yeah. He wasn't. He. The common ice hockey common ice hockey commentator, real an ice hockey. What else would it be? Continues to call defensive NFL defensive lineman defense. But I heard that again a couple of days ago who said Don cherry, not always on the W W J N gubbi-gubbi heard that too. He got some funny people w w j don't know don't know sports. Yeah. Defensemen to when it came to football defenseman. Cattle. That's an Owen and just in case. I know how much you like country booth, but clearly country music can't black will be fifty seven tomorrow. Good for him. Yeah. So anyway, I think I told yesterday I was picking the Rams thirty to twenty seven over the patriots. I think it's going to be the other way, and it's going to be three to seven points that the new New England will win by. That's what I think. But it's good for. By the way, Ron if the Rams won the Super Bowl. Do you think that'll help Mr. Sousa, HAMAs fame? You know, help us hall of fame case any look he is a spark. He is a player. He's just a all the is is a second rate player on a great defense that with him. I mean, he's just not a part time player. But he's just he's not he's not he's not the main player. He's not even know Aaron Donald Plum the greatest defensive defensive lineman ever. Yes. I agree with you on that. But yeah. But you know, he could be four he say great. He's got a great playoffville through. Well, he has the two games. I saw looked pretty good. The digital Petri tonight. I understand with him and Warren buffet. They. Now, he wants to be a billionaire. He said that several times he's hanging around with Warren buffet buffet. I think from what I'm told by somebody. He's in a suit buffet, he's not wearing the jockstrap or the the the the shin guards. Like, he does go to the games and the helmet and all that. Oh, by the way, by the way. Ryan, you know, when I'll say by twenty thirty s UIs going to be the owner of the lions. Yeah. Right. He is by twenty thirty gonna alliance by twenty thirty you watch. Right. I'm gonna watch might not be around to see it. But I think he's going to own a lion's by by proudly your twenty twenty twenty thirty. He's hanging around the right person. One thing would you sit down with he's a charmer. He's a charmer. He charmed. Warren buffet buffet, whatever. His name is. Eighty something year-old thinks he's a football player by Wayne wearing the jockstrap and the I don't know the Warren Buffett play college football. I don't think so my God that would be back in the twenties or thirties. Probably that probably the thirties, but the eight hundred number one. When we fought Ernie Terrell. Yes. Would be fifty one years ago Wednesday and Ollie won all fifteen rounds of that fight. Really? Well, how old is bump Warren Buffett now your buffet? You don't have his birthday was up higher. He's eighty eight. Dow always eighty eight. Oh, okay. August eighty nine in August. But they in August. August thirtieth August thirtieth will Michigan state lost yesterday. I was surprised at Michigan state lost to. I was a little surprised to that. They had the lead and looked like they were going to win the game. But they didn't do it down the stretching. Yeah. Well, anyway, who's your six o'clock guests open line both hours again? Yeah. Well, come back and buggy boys at six o'clock bogus voice again. Thank you Kob. Okay. Ron and Kalamazoo. There's on fire threat. What's up, Alex? Talking about consumer. What's up, man? Feature and CBS. I'm the Super Bowl pre-game show with Warren Buffett in down the consumer pretty interesting stuff. I bet it is. One buffet, you know, took away to sue really because of his attributions university of Nebraska, and that's kind of where it all started. Was that now Warren Buffett's obsessed with the brass football. And, you know, love SU there was happy that once land he donated a lot in Nebraska. So that's tell that started just say, no. Billionaire. Yep. Admits that he wants to learn a lot from Warren buffet on business and Warren Buffett, you know, takes an interest to that were both wants to play in the NFL. He's trying to and cut about football from sue. Yeah. You know, he had some different pictures of him with different jerseys, and Chad and stuff and. Would you say that he was a legitimate football fan? Anyway. Interesting piece, I'll be very out of bed. It was. Dugway into the real point in my call, which is a Super Bowl self talk a little bit and get your opinion on sue's potential impact in the game. He definitely can't be the x factor tonight with Aaron Donald gonna be assuming a lot of Dublin tensely couple teams. Impact you're done the thing until he got a couple of sacks in the playoffs. Had a second what eight games before that? And even even announced that he was he disappeared during the regular season. He's playing football on account. So I mean, there's something for that. Yeah. Honestly, I'm interested to see what kind of an impact till have because Brady's out the most mobile guy. And you know, what happens when pressure come down the middle. But don't forget he hasn't been sacked and three or four games. Correct. Denigrate job of keeping him up. Right. But they haven't faced Aaron Donald the patriots have always great over. Yes. Donald. And you guys is texture. I ran you're on the patriots. Spicer seven thirty five twenty five thirty five to twenty seven something like that eight seventy what's your score. And I can't ever go against the goat. The five had to pick a final score proud. It'd be like thirty one to twenty seven. New England, you said can go to the greatest time. Tom Brady is the greatest of all time. Maybe that's that's open for debate. That's open for. Argue that or Parker says the load the luckiest of all time. But anyway. Thanks, guys. Okay. Take CLA.

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