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Chris singleton on a Saturday afternoon at Wrigley field. Played extra innings spot of twelve one one our score. Three one outside ball four had a winning run. His on base. Aalto at that resulted come up to you. Been a lot of offense in this one Rizzo popped out flied out single that hit by a pitch at walked. So fishery one for three. Good gap or something down the line should score. Kris Bryant good base runner and aggressive base runner from I two with two outs. Have an aggressive secondary lead. The pitch and that's in there for a strike. Burch smith. Fires had that's back to screen and nothing June. On Anthony Rizzo. Ourselves a pretty good pitchers. Little began. And continues. Yeah. Dan. Both bullpens. Take the baton kept. It going hamels was really good for the cubs. Davies really good for the brewers that my on my own after this inning. Yes. Here's the to swing foul back to the screen. Good traction now for you. Right. Well done. Trade council has Adrian Hauser in junior garra left. That's it. Mike Montgomery Taylor. Davis for Joe mad. The two swag a little roller along I picking it up. Smith lips the I in time Rizzo is out. And that is the. We're headed to the thirteen and here for Wrigley field. The brewers and the cubs are tied at one at one. This is.

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