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Naturally we had to deal with these stressors everyone can argue over what paleo mon eight if there was grains in the mix how much carbohydrate was there those kind of things but no one can argue they didn't have a fucking refrigerator and he didn't have air conditioning right like we go from the climate controlled house the climate controlled car the climate controlled office and back every single day and we're at this beautiful seventy two degrees year round that's not what we're designed to do we're designed to experience a cold winter in a hot summer unless you're from the equator then you're dealing with heat consistently right so but you're still dealing with heat here not an air conditioned home and don't on your or in your yacht or whatever the case may be like you're still dealing with some form of the elements and the body does respond to that positively in a number of ways and i think it's important that it's such an easy fix you know it's such an easy fix to say i'm gonna give myself five minutes a day to go to this and and that goes into circadian rhythm like you sleep better at night like a number of benefits happened from doing something like that and really from the mine the mental emotional standpoint like knowing all right i'm gonna push myself five minutes more here in breathe through it and slow everything down like that that's a big deal it can't be overlooked i know michael walker talking about you know the importance asleep and any just hammered at over and over again you know we need that like eight hour time slot he was saying there was like you know one percent of the population or something can sleep a little bit less but everybody else's screwed they got a match it with those eight hours how a lot of people just don't think they have time a lot of people like to wake up early in and get things going how do you how do you get eight hours sleep like what are some tips that people can utilize to have a more restful sleep to have a better sleep well there's a couple of things you know obviously walker gets into by physics sleeping a lot of cultures still have siesta it's a big that's a big one right not a lot of offices alive you to take naps at work.

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