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Not. Technologies are being used to create people who have been the product of extremes interventions that can fundamentally shape the way that society exists. The effort needed to have a global conversation on these technologies needs match previous efforts in things such as for example, nuclear disarmament and other types of areas where we've had to engage international treaties or have broad global conversations about the future of humanity. Because these are topics and technologies deck in transformed, fundamentally who we are. For life in long. I'm Andrea Hendrickson. This episode was produced by Andrew Hendrickson along with myself, Tony, gaining. Anthem lean is our executive producer or social media editor is Rachel. He pulled audio from the film Gatica testing. The limits of fair use. All other music was by Andrew Hendrickson guys. This episode took a little longer to produce the normal. Thank you for your patients. We are in the middle of spring campaign to raise ten thousand dollars to fund existing and future productions. Thanks to some amazing listeners. We have raised eighty two hundred dollars, which means we only need to raise eighteen hundred dollars more to meet Arkell. We hope you'll join others who have made one hundred dollar donation to sport episodes, like the one you just heard. The campaign is one hundred by one hundred and we hope you'll support life of the law with a one hundred dollars donation. Each time we publish a new episode. We send everyone who subscribed to our newsletter behind the scenes. Look at life of the law includes notes from our reporters and news about upcoming episodes. You can subscribe on our website life of the law. ORG. We are nonprofit project of the tide center, and we're part of the panoply network of podcasts from slate. You can also find life of the law on PR X public radio exchange. We wanna thank Renate Kramer Dr.. Eric, Pearson, Kelly Kat Kat, Heather Thomson Lila, hood Dion woods, Bill Abilene. Kate Robertson had been in Hilary billings, Kate Germond, Anne bunting Shankar Rahman Malcolm Appleby soggy. Oh boss, again, Catherine catcher. Ben Edwards, Steve Lind, Robert, Anthony grace. Nielsen Britney, Baltimore and York University special. Thanks to the Haas institute for a fair and inclusive society and the center for genetics and society. Again, go to our website. The support button is on our homepage, just one hundred dollars to help cover the production costs web, so's like the one you just heard join us next time when we present in-studio episode on bioethics. I'm Tony Gannon. Thank you for listening. Is glassy with tears. Jerome walks slowly toward the other astronauts after a few steps. He looks back at Dr. Lamar who gives him an encouraging nod place in his hands behind his back thrown, continues into a rounded corridor. He walks alone taking a path. So many valid. Have already traveled. To gotta technicians, close the metal door behind him. At the condo. The incinerator door opens gene himself inside. Eugene removes his silver medal from his breast pocket and places it around his neck. Eugene holds up metal taking one last look before pressing a button inside the incinerator. The vets stirs ignite filling the screen with bright orange planes. Jerome serenely opened his eyes to watch yet another launch at Gatica this time from the inside. Closing credits in each name, the letters G A T and see are colored green. In contrast with white letters presented on a black background.

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