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Right right right yeah still and well for torey krug and things like and of course matt leicester led the league are great get some you can grow in your backyard just lead people allow once in ehlers that there's a scale again because i know liver terrence who are you know the go for the opie or it's it's or whatever at that you know cocaine doesn't matter hasn't there's a scale some he says or liver terry him they've come small our general yeah i don't know i i i got i got to draw the line probably right around that the marijuana things and even that i think there needs to be so i don't know i i haven't seen enough down the data guy show me more dan him and to watch call right anything else jimmy well you know and then getting to that the in that i am actual grow both article marijuana my wife i'd be the one of its hugely drug if you're not use if we provide or up of medical marijuana patients and you know what is it i really don't see as this huge issue where that and i really worried about you you know people that smoke it so i know i know so what does would turn doing yeah yeah i you know i won said out of college that i did a paper on drug testing in college and you know i used to call him the ot use the occasional drug users us all these are people that are addicted everything about the people that went recreationally use it and i think at that time you know that was the eighties right i think the ot you percentage occasional drug users was like in the seventy percent yeah literally takes i wanna warned people because or whatever your feelings but are or not i hired a guy and i had to let him go shortly after because he filled their test right now sunday smokes off duty you know they're not to work they're not high it doesn't affect me but it's the rules and my and a lot accompanies they'll do the drug test and have fuel pass a screen and you don't.

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