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Com last February, and it's amazing story. And she's she's now an ex state trooper, and so she's she's written this kind of a it's a memoir. I guess you'd call it an autobiography, it's she it's only online you can get it. We have we we we tweeted out a link, Steve because people have had a tough time finding a link. All I had was the file we'll find a way to post it though. Yeah. We'll post it. So you can read it. If you want to read it at seventy eight pages, I would say start about page twenty. You know, she had a crappy a lien joined the club. Right. A what a good childhood really seriously, but around page twenty when she goes to work at scuttle butts starts to get interesting. But the turtle boy is described in a she's very angry at turtle boy, she calls him, a white trash blogger. She says he she has more skeletons in his closet that she does that would be difficult. He's got to have a big closet if that's the case. And so we wanted to get turtle boy out here to get his reaction to the to the memoirs since he figures heavily into I figure somewhat into it. But the turtle boy is the is the main. He's the main purpose of the of the story. The main heavy the black short. I'm just an old, man. I'm just an old man Stocker who just calls up the calls up the bar every day trying to buy some weed from the. Yeah. Yeah. I mean what what a book. This was I highly recommend it. If you guys want to we actually have the entire book in our blog about it. So if people want to go to the site and read it tweet out whatever it's right in there. You read the entire thing. The good stuff starts kind of like at skull the growing up, you know, the whole sob story about oh, my childhood, and blah, blah, blah. No, one cares. It was a remarkable book. Let me just tell you. When you read it, you realize this woman. Power to a rescue. If you're going too fast or this woman had power of you can't spell. She was the incoherent rambling thoughts of a seventeen year old valley girl. It's the best way. I could describe that. You know, what got me turtle? Boy, I known I've known a lot of cops in all cops say, you know, if you want to go out on disability, all you have to do is go into the chief for your captain, or whatever and say I had a dream last night chief, I ate my God. Right. You're out. You're right. So she's talking about how she she keeps going back. I wanted to kill myself. I had the gun in my hand. But I the guy was outside my classmates. So I didn't want him to hear the gun going off. She keeps going on and on about killing yourself. But then she says, why won't they rehire me? Why can't I go back to the job? I mean, you're kidding me. She thinks she was the job basically between being a dispatcher and being know what in the in the car for for like seven eight years, and she and she still thinks she was going to go back to work come on. The best part of she thought she was going to go back as like a new position about like, the she said she wanted to be the spokesperson. The state police as it's like. Like, she had some type of moral like. As if that's how the state police work. They have like a reformed unit. You know, like how prisoners get out? And then they talk to other people to council kids, but not to go to jail. You could still be a cop and be like, oh, you can be a drug dealer state police officer. This is reality. Like, what is she living? Right. I I kept thinking. Self. You know, we've all known people the women that were in in jail for whatever reason every once in a while. I mean, you could go down to the you're right. You could go to jail and just get somebody who's being released after two weeks for whatever. And they would be as good a spokesman for a life of crime as her right? Yeah. And I'll tell you that the most the most disappointing part of the book is that she doesn't even explain how it's basically just a burn book. She'd mentioned all these guys whose having affairs with don't get me wrong. I found that very compelling. And if you were those troopers you'll probably sweating bullets like, oh, please don't say my name. Please don't say my name, you know, but but most of the book doing that. But what people really want know? How'd you get the job? You know? Who'd you? Why are you not burn these bridges? You have nothing to lose at this point. In the book. All these people have ditched her. No one's returning your call. So just spill the beans. Yeah. How'd you get that? No, she didn't mention Mary McGovern the book, you know, the former Colonel who is one of our best friends for some reason, she mentioned Jodi Dolo who is the person in charge of doing her background research. We found out emails right already friends with how does phone number. They talked outside of you know. And. Karen? How about you mentioned? Charlie Baker Charlie Baker. I was on his detail outside of his house. He came up and asked if he could Kojak. So I say, oh, well, this is interesting. But what about all those selfish, you talk with Karen Pollino, who's from the same hometown as you are Shrewsbury? Yeah. Yeah. That's what that's what people really want to know is because this whole thing. The way the state police, they blamed it all on her, and I don't feel bad for because she is in his book. So I can't feel bad or anything like that. But they literally threw it. If I was her I would be burning bridges at this point. Because these people, you know, they blamed it on your she didn't get on here really believes when you're reading these rambling there that she got on because of her own merit the Dan risking her ex boyfriend. The disgraced Lieutenant Colonel who covered up the Kim Murray crash in two thousand eleven right, right. Who has who has other? You know, he's not a nice guy either. He's not he's not a guy that you read about in this in this block if you can call it. Danny. Oh, danny. Dan. Yeah. Interesting. She talked about in the book how then he risky and got a call from the state trooper who was drunk and smashed into a woman, and he covered it up. No good deal. Just tell them like that's not a big deal. She she she helped one of the top state copses a lesbian. You know? I thought that was odd. Don't don't mention the name turtle boy you'll we'll we'll have to answer for that. If we though, but, you know, well, it's it's pretty obvious who it is. And I, yeah, it's it's a strange it's a strange book. And and you know, the other thing is too she she doesn't take any any responsibility. You know, she makes it sound. Like, you know, that this was just like somebody coming to the door to sell her a flower. You know, when she sells all this pot. All this hydro. She was selling two kinds of pot two. She was sold. Hydroponic stuff. And then just the regular run of the mill stuff, and she just totally brushes it off in the perjury. Oh. The victim here. I mean, that's the thing. She had a chance in two thousand five to give them what they wanted. And she didn't she chose. She chose to perjure yourself at that point Peter Levitt, the US attorney using prosecuting her, you're that's perjury. You're going to jail now that that was the deal is off the table. There's no more immunity, whatever she got a second chance. And that guy by the way is shady as it gets. All right. Pete eleven now, he works in criminal defense or whatever. But he will not comment about this. He was not investigated for his role in coincidentally, by the way, she gave him every single bit of information that could make sure Sean Bucci went to jail for ten years. You know what I mean? Like, maybe there was some type of promise there's no way to prove that or anything like that. But it's very coincidental. Like literally a year after she gives everything you could possibly wanted to flatter boom. She's all of a sudden the dispatcher, Sean while Sean Bucci got his revenge, and it's a dish. Best served cold. Right. Turtle. Boy. That's very true. Although she named his site dot com. Right. You know, what amused me just as a as a newspaper man to she? She gave this, you know, the sob story to the Boston Globe. And then she says at the end, sadly, it didn't have any effect. Hey, welcome to twenty nineteen. The Boston Globe has no has no impact on the on the on the on the dialogue in the Commonwealth. She didn't realize transgender midget or something like that. They would have gone a little further. I, you know, I lost count of how many bars she worked at how many guy she was with, you know. It just keeps your, bro. Badges and power that was the one team that they all have in common. So the good part about. About being Leauge induced. You just do it all over again. You know, she's still young. She's on the right side of forty. And you know, he's still got it. And you know, you just find you keep badging your way around. And there be another guy. You know, it seems they had another thing in common. And that is a thirst grader with cast a shadow. You know, there were there was there was there was there was more alcohol even the drugs in her in her autobiography. Yeah. She knows how to climb the ladder. I'll different. She's very good at that. So hey, we got we got two guys who read the book. What what's your review is? This is this worth reading. I will be internal boy it is because we're villains in the end. I mean, or we wouldn't be index. I think she's a moron for not putting it on Amazon. I would have paid ten bucks for the doubt about it. Of course, I'm gonna read that. So she gave it away for free. I'm sure she's strapped for cash what she's thinking. I mean, where does this rank on the in the pantheon of great auto biographies? Would you say it's better than I know why the caged bird sings for Malcolm? She's no, you you lissi Simpson grant, let's put it that way. But. She's a little she's a little better than Steinbeck. But not quite Mark Twain somewhere in between. Yeah. You can stomach looser 'cause she spells it whenever she says loser. It's always Ellie. Oh SEER. And that's just one of my pet peeves. That particular words, no. Not a common word, but I've never seen. It spelled S C R S C R O N Y scrutiny. Oh, I missed. Yeah. Yeah. It's a it's really something. Well, anyway, go go there if you want this. We've just had turtle. Boy, he's yeah. We tweeted it out, and he's and you can identify him as the white trash blogger. That's that's that's how he's identified and I might benefit as the Howie Carr. And what you're listening to by the way is not a radio or TV show. It's a podcast, according to Leah. Pot bill. I know I know I gotta buy. It's it's gonna be everywhere. I don't eat the drive to what Dan verse to get it anymore. Turtle. Boy. Thank you. Thanks for checking in with us on that. It's a pretty it is a pretty funny read, I must say, I'm Howie.

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