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Good morning business leaders here in Britain have been having this say on the so-called DeVos deal that Prime Minister Theresa may has negotiated over Brexit uncertainty around whether the drafty will pass through parliament Kohl's the Pratt pound to slide yesterday and many companies are preparing for range of scenarios for when Britain Fulmer leaves the European Union in March next year. Warren, east is a CEO of Rolls, Royce, which makes aerospace marine and submarine engines, we all preparing for an exit from the EU without an agreement in place, and we know that that might be disruptive. And that's why we taking the contingency measures that we have to take we all going to continue with Al contingency plans, and that includes Buffa stalks, so that we have the logistical capacity. We need to carry on running all business. Hey, says it's vital that British companies retain the ability to trade easily with Europe. I think any deal is better than no deal that giving us a framework for how we're going to work in future. And when is an an agreement will provide certainty, I'm putting forward a fairly sort of unashamed business Centric view, and there are many agendas here thorough business, the UK's very important aerospace partners, however based in Europe. And so it's very important that we're able to continue to trade easily with Europe Rolls, Royce CEO, Warren, aced, let's do the numbers. After its biggest one day drop the more than two years yesterday. The pound has recovered slightly. Asian shares were mixed hopes for tho- in the US. China trade will tempered by disappointing results in the tech sector. Japan Airlines is taking new measures to make sure it's pilots are under the legal alcohol limit when they fly. It comes after one of their pilots was arrested at Heathrow airport here in London for being drunk. The BBC's far AM suit has more the pilot cuts Toshi jitsu Kara was arrested last month after a test showed he was nine times over the legal limit. It's not the first time. One of the companies pilots have been caught drunk on the job since August last year. There have been nineteen cases where Japan Airlines pilots have failed the company's alcohol tests. According to a spokesperson twelve flights were delayed as a result with the remaining seven operating on time, only because alternative crew members were found under the new measures all of Japan, Airlines pilots who will be required to take a breath test before departing from international airports. Other airlines have also had recent trouble with intoxicated pilots of. Airways pilot who turned up for work after drinking three double vodkas was jailed earlier this year while in India ah pilot was recently barred from flying for three years after he failed an alcohol test, the BBC's thorough Masud reporting there, how many people do, you know, who still watch TV in black and white none. Well here in Britain half a century after color broadcasting began seven thousand people say that's what they do. Now. Cynics might say that's because people who watch in black and white pay less in mandatory TV licensing phase, the what if there is a tiny section of the population that profess TV the old way Edward tenor. A research at Princeton is the author of the book why things bite back. There are people who just stay with what they have. But there are also people sometimes technically sophisticated people who have sound reasons to at least have a part of their lives in analog. For example. There are still. Many many enthusiasts of vinyl records. And there are even companies now that are that are selling vinyl records, again people say that vinyl records and tube amplifiers will have a warmer sound they they don't like the artifacts. They believe are introduced by digital recording. There are many people who like analog sometimes for aesthetic reasons. Some people don't really like the the perfection of digital. There's a school of thought that's that's similar to the Japanese idea of wabi Sabi that says something a little bit warn and all the way cracked cups would be put together in the seams would be filled with gold leaf. There are all kinds of reasons for keeping to old technology. And when tennis says he himself is a fan of Ota Motech. I have still not bought a flat screen television. I still use a last generation Trinitron too. Sheba a television. I also watched films on Blu Ray and streaming on a on an HD monitor..

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