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The burying of. Thinking that it's a good berry. Oh, that makes sense. Yeah if you take that pressure off the bearing now you can see if it's going to travel back and forth. If I have a little rattle in my quill. Can I? Should not buy it or can I get new baron's for that? You can get no bearings if you're feel your competent enough to take the quail out. Oh No, I'm not. Walk Lebron, senators. Somebody's anchor. And if there is a little movement in there, then you can quantify it by using a dial indicator on base and putting in a drill rod in the chuck and seeing what you run out is coke and the next step I would. I would see if there is run out now run out, can come from a a bad chuck. It can come from a messed up taper because those are held in with a with a more stable or it can be the bearings in typically it takes a long time to wear out a drill press if it's a decent quality drill press to start with. Regions or one from the school. It's an old Delta Things got to be sixty years old fifty years old something like that was in high school shop where it was used abused and. God knows how many hours or on a and it still works fine the run out with. Ardley measurable. So they're out there one of the things that I tell people look at. The table can the table be adjusted foreign act so then it runs parallel to to the quill some women's pretty hard to do. You can tell them. That's easy enough to take care of, but if they're mounted so that there's no foreign after. You're going to have to shit and then you tilt it. followed. And so. It'd be a problem and also I've never thought of that. I've never once thought of that with a drill press. Yeah having. Okay. Yeah. And that's where he dial indicator on a base is really good because you can check to see if it travels out of. Perpendicular as runs up and down the quill. Okay. So you're. Wants the F-, the fore and aft measurement. That is the quilt travel that you're worried about. Yeah your. For you you you run down with of drill right in any checks seep at square to this end foreign. And won't square. You're going to square it up to that otherwise drilling slightly crooked salt. To the side no problem. Tilt the table Lauren. Most of them there. There's some old there some old dro- presses out there. You can find that have a rigid table. You can't. You can't tell us new direction in so that when you really have to make sure it's square or there's really nothing you can do about it. A new wooden table on top of that you've Schimdt so that it is square you can always do that. That's a good. That's a good idea for. Wings as Nice, NAM bigger table on drill press anyway because of the kind of work we do. In. Another thing to consider too is, how do you raise lower the table? I had a very old craftsman, big industrial craftsman here Dr- many years it was run out on it was virtually unmeasurable. It was really nice row press, but it had big table on it didn't have any rack and pinion and. Such a miserable bugger to raise Lord especially if you only had to go an inch because of more than she would release it. No, go six. And you stood there in struggle trying to get it back up. So. I got one of those. Yeah. A lot of goes does down to before he can get it backup one. Yeah. Hey. How easy is it to find replacement motors if that's an issue Pretty easy. Most of them are re- standard chassis so you can switch them up. And sheaves are you can buy a good police for good sheaves? Depending on what you've got a some of them have the stacked shaves. And you can. You can find those at any good Star in machine steel rather than the die-cast crap that. Kennedy clete store did you say fleet pleat store? What's a fleet store where you go to buy stuff for your tractor? Feed for your chicken. Wire. Yeah Yeah did hardware version of to so and there's always there's always online. You can find in there in another little trick that a utilizing not now I've been using link belts a lot when I rebuild stop because they work well that if you don't want to spend the money on link belts by automotive grade belts, go your local parts store and buy automotive grade most. Through these machines come with something that used to be called a fractional belt. It was meant for low horsepower and they're they're horrible because they're stiff been lumpy They take said if they sent through sit for a few days and they're just nasty because they cause a lot of ideation in automotive belts are much more pliable. There's a lot more durable and they have better traction. Robbery. So Switched automotive style belts plus you can buy matched adults. automotive style just make sure they have concurrent batch numbers they'll be the not be identical. Now you're saying you're doing something like a unicycle where you have three small doubtful they're expensive to buy from. Delta. When you can find him, they're cheap to buy it or Nautilus for and if they have the same batch number on, they'll be absolutely as good as buying the factory triple care. A rally you mentioned. Delta as a specific brand old buffalo drill press I like I've also seen old Walker Turner drill presses. Are there other manufacturers that are really good that you would look out for or there's there's a lot of drill presses were something that almost every manufacture made and most of them made them well back in the thirties. And up through probably the late fifties and a really good source of information on these is to go to Old. Woodworking Machinery, they've got a new name. Now I don't remember I can never remember what it is binge machinery something like that, and just a little background check on it, and you can get a lot of information. You can usually find owners manuals or you can find out about the manufacturer and and then really take a machine If it's got, you know there's a Lotta stuff that's out of the. Late seventies early aid means Taiwan invasion was I hitting and? From a distance, they can look pretty good but start looking at the castings know where they. Were the edges relieved on? HOW CLEAN ARE THE CASTING was there really some concern about the machine when it was originally built the old machines you're gonna find all the edges are eased. There's no rough spots on them around the table and stuff it's all been cleaned up, and that's a pretty good indication that it was quality tool. You know when you look at something from the early eighties. Almost, forty years old already. So people could kinda consider that be Watson all tool that that's tool no MIRA's. There is an awful lot of stuff that came. Late seventies through the eighties is a boat anchor. Set. So. What are the features that you're? GonNa look for in. An ultra oppressor or a new drill press Like quill travel what? I like renewed presses where they're getting up around six inches quilt travel. That means that you can bore through heavy material easily without going from opposite sides laying everything out very carefully to get through stuff. I like positive stops that are easy to move a lot of nine. You can depress the. Rapidly snap it into place. But if they have, you know one hundred and twenty thousand injured travel wants to snap into place pretty much useless. You want something when it snaps and it stays there. So you can be accurate with your debt Those are important things speed control. Lot of variable speed or nice. Now, some of the new electron ix stuff is really amazing because you can dial in. You Can Punch in exactly the speed you want or you punch in the bit and the material, and it determines the speed for you, which is really nice and. Yeah, last bitchy using what material you're using recommends speeding puncher and you got your speaking shifted like argue with your Wire you doing. Do you think that's a good idea? Little sign and shot. Ben That says I like hammers. Well I mean I I for one have never ever changed the speed of a drill press i. Just that guy it's on its lowest setting and. I'll just wait for it. I've yet to. Figure out why I need to change the speed. There are certain efficiencies that you realize from changing speed in smaller bits getting that ice be. Cut much cleaner. They do a much nicer job in they cut a lot faster. Burn the BIT and. Okay. So me sell me on this though so For Two straight up Brad Point Bits Lou anything under. Three eighths. Fine you know you're you're you're going fast for our snow you. Know forcing bid I I go relatively snow slow with a.

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