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Windows on car Specifically. Now, the roof damage is likely to come later. Because of what happened last night. Is here. The train behind me right near old town killer. We're gonna do an apartment complex That has some significant damage last night. But what we're hearing is this nickel average of about golf, tennis ball size hail that came pummeling down and killer last night. And people are waking up to, for the most part damage windows on their vehicles this morning if they couldn't get in the garage or under a car for it. We'll have more firsthand accounts as the morning goes on, but significant hail damage this morning in Keller or I'm reporting live for W B A P Meanwhile, Medstar says crews have already responded to 20 crashes this morning as the rain continues there, urging drivers to be careful on their morning commutes. During his address to the joint session of Congress, President Biden touted progress on the covered 19 battle and laid out his legislative priorities. Correspondent Rachel Sutherland president called for investing trillions of dollars to help working families and modernize the nation's infrastructure, saying his American jobs plan will put people to work to upgrade our transportation infrastructure. Jobs, modernizing our roads, bridges, highways, Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina delivered the Republican response infrastructure spending the shrinks. Our economy is not common sense on Lee about 200 lawmakers attended the address in the House chamber due to coronavirus restrictions. Rachel Sutherland Boxes from the W B A B news desk. I'm Nicolo say your next update US at 7 30 24 7 Coverage double d b a p dot com..

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