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And it's called little piano book it is a series of short poems by ironically, not the group's pianist. But they're sax player. Bob summar auto, and if you've ever studied the piano yourself, you'll get a lot of the kind of Inge oaks references to Scarlatti and cool and other composers that we seem to know only because of their piano, teaching pieces, and the whole thing becomes more of a metaphor, a metaphor for what might be up to you to decide, but there's clearly more than meets the eye or ear in this piece. So it goes from early studies to the first recital. Which does not go. Well, and by the end, you know, this series of of poems, which have a real dry wit to them has become something. Also, quite poignant little piano book is based on a short piano piece by the French composer, Erik satie which was played live on on our piano by by the group's pianist Tom Lincoln over and over again while Bob is reading his text. So that left the other two members of zeitgeist and myself free to surround the piano, and to essentially do a kind of a live preparation of the instrument by putting whatever we had on hand things from our pockets in our hands. And by the end of the piece, the Piano's voice is silent. Let's hear the voice of Bob summer auto and the rest of the ensemble zeitgeist in this nineteen ninety live performance in our studio of little piano book..

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