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Side NBC's today show honored a group of them including in Nola Brown. We break barriers. We want women to know that you could aspire to be anything you want to be doesn't matter. What size? You are. We have a free training program that will get you in shape to become a New York City. Five women were first allowed to become city. Firefighters in the early nineteen eighty s. Here in Boston at Logan airport workers for a private company us International Women's Day to highlight complaints against their employer. Karyn regal covered. This story service employees international union workers were employed by the private f s s at Logan say they're not paid for hours worked for sick days over breaks. They publicized this before and have many complaints, pending before the attorney general city councillor, Lydia Edwards, Massport. In a statement says it's taken multiple steps sold its contractors responsible. And we'll turn over any unresolved complaints to the AJ. We know we are on the right side of history. We know that Justice social Justice as far head, but we're going to get there together. Together, we have been able to fight for against wage theft. Together, we will organize together we will keep moving forward at Logan. Karyn regal WBZ Boston's NewsRadio and the fight against ISIS. The next big challenge for the United States led coalition. Fighting forces ISIS, what to do with all of the foreign fighters. Captured out on the battlefield Cami McCormick is at the Pentagon with more. Iraq has agreed to accept some of the foreign fighters captured in Syria and says they could be handed death sentences. But there are hundreds of them four hundred were captured this week alone, and many are westerners many countries have refused to accept their citizens back. Now, Sweden is floating. The idea of an international tribunal similar to what was done after the wars in Rwanda and Yugoslavia everyone.

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