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And you capitalize on what you already have basically more is betting on himself. I trust in me, and my coach that even if we get into a rebuild. We can get guys in free agency that other teams can only get through the draft. I think it's a good move for both sides to see how you my first inclination would be to say like Jackie try to get better players in the deal, realistically. Butler wants to be traded. He's gonna be free at the end of this year. And you know, if you can get four ones even spread out like that. And if you can reduce or get rid of the lottery protection. On the later picks. Now, if you're the coach of the GM, you don't wanna do it because you're not going to be around to see those players. But if you're the owner of the timber wolves you're going to be inclined to say, this is the best we're going to get for him. Let's make a play for. All right. If you're the coach of GM, maybe not inclined if the owner maybe client, how about if you Karl Anthony towns, and they tell you could have a first round pick in seven years from now, we'll add afraid at some point. Wondering what team the timber wolves will be in two thousand twenty five Plaski. How about you, Tim, you should've trusted your first inclination on this Jackie's? Right. This is not a great deal. And I think Minnesota there's no way they could take this kind of deal given up all given up this player. They'll get more for him the longer they wait when teams get more desperate. They Houston's got to win a play the heir, Gordon, and they'll never do that. And again because all what do you? How do you sell your fans? How do you sell your current team and GM coach will forty so should Houston? Get him. They'll fill in the blank Houston is what would Jimmy Butler Plachy. Oh, I think they are championship contenders with him. But I don't think they'll get him show number two in the west with maybe a better chance this year against the warriors last. This is what they were less just Spain. What do they would Jimmy Butler? Yeah. Number two in the west because I still number two and Jackie MAC immeasurably better defensively, but they're going to have a few more. It gives them the jump to get over the warriors. All right, real quick questionable for tonight. Jimmy Butler stomach coincidence. Who does we will? It's. Gas eleven teams of comeback to to win. It recently though. Nineteen ninety six dodgers bats have been shout out their strategy not worth be or so I read Google. Dole. Committee. As rolling back. What they Bill is this the break the dodgers. The dodgers need is that they'll finally have their first string out there in this game. Is that the Red Sox right handed pitcher that means we'll get max Muncie into the game? That means we get Cody Bellinger into the game. That means they'll finally play their top three home homerun hitters in the game. That's the break. They need is. Analytics thing went crazy. The last two games guys discussed this. But now they'll have the best line of on the field and their best pitcher in the last three months on the field. Welcome euler. He's got a one point nine three era at home, and none of the reds only one of the Red Sox ever seen him before. So that's the break they needed and they will win tonight because it was breaks build you think Dave Roberts, erred, not throwing the lefty bats out there. Just because of a match up. Well, the question is who aired somebody aired? We're never quite sure if it's a front office or for it's Dave or it's a commingling out here. They're very secretive about that. Nobody really knows exactly how that's made. But somebody sure messed up. So that's how. In Los Angeles sees it and he's predicting LA win. Let's go to Boston. Jackie mac. How do you see it?.

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