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In Dallas Cowboys Legendary quarterback Tony Romo the corona man himself Tony. How're you doing? Doing good uh joined myself getting ready for football season here. So what's it like to be working with corona again. Because I understand it you you enjoy a corona I'm I'm quite a lot Well I do whenever I sit down and watch a game you know I always you know back being a fan. There's there's an football game or something you'd have a corona and I ended up partnering with them last year and we did Rona. You Know Game Day hotline and you can call in and hear me Talks fantasy football tips. PEP talks teams. A lot of silliness all that you know not entirely sure is completely kosher for me to talk about right now. The great working so you mentioned tips and things like that people can call right and they can hear you at believe. The number is one eight. Four four nine corona it's a lot like the neckline my Sharon Hey they may have done that on purpose. I don't know that marketing team. There's pretty much yeah you can call and basically you you know I went through a ton of stuff talking about different things so you call in. I think you're here some fantasy football tips football like I said some probably me being a little Elliott Times but It's been great. You mentioned being seal. You mentioned Thursday night football minute ago. I believe it was your first year in the booth I think your wife might have shared this on instagram of video of you. kind of warming up to I think it was something about this. There was one song that you would just kinda warming up to. Is that kind of a pre game tradition of yours in the booth. Maybe just because I know Ahmadou radio show or something like that. I like to you know while I'm driving. They're Kinda sing and in one of my voice though. Is that something you do. Yeah actually that is usually it said that is a two part reason. Why one you know I get the voice going a little bit? Just 'cause you know I've got a terrible voice. That's you gotTa do the best you can. That's one and the second part is because it's really fun to sing and listen to the music you I can make everyone listen to it around you so those are the two reasons warm up with do you You've mentioned this before and I'm really curious about this aspect to your job. Now you've talked not about necessarily the nineteen eighty six masters yes And everything that was great about that but the nineteen ninety eight masters. And you've you've talked before about how you got home from Church I believe and you turned on the TV in this day and age where you couldn't just track what was happening on the internet or on twitter. Whatever and your booze may Jim nance comes in and says you're not gonNA believe what's happening and I've always is felt people? They identify major sports moments. With what the broadcaster said at the time. So what's it like to be in that position. Now you're at a point in your career what you call the Super Super Bowl people will remember the words you say with these great sports events forever. I appreciate you saying that I mean you hit it on the head. I can still remember that moment. Omit clear as day. You know you wait to that. Telecast comes on the masters you know wouldn't come on at nine. AM It'd come out like eleven or one or something and and the first thing when they came on was you know I knew Jack Nicholas was behind by five starting the day and he's fifty eight years old. I was always a Jack Nicklaus fan and I was like he can't win. There's no no way but I'm like but I'm rooting for him. In nineteen sixty did it and he gets on Aaron Nance opens the telecast with. You're not gonNA believe what you're about to see and boom they go right to Nicholas and I just hit the ceiling. I mean I was so excited spurt yet to Birdie at Ford and I think that's part of the reason why I think I really enjoy the job because just being at home knowing that you can make someone's experience better and Really make it. You know enjoyable. I guess you could say I want you to have fun. I want you to like maybe learn. Maybe get inside the game a little bit. And that's that's enjoyable for me to try and produce that that's good perspective. What was that like this year with the master's I mean you know not that you met Jim Nance when you guys became partners but you're you're behind the ropes Naso when you're watching something like Tiger winning the masters knowing Jim and being good pals I mean is it a completely different experience than it was in eighty six or ninety eight or whatever you WANNA use? Yeah it is and I mean just you know the tiger winning just the emotional emotional aspect of you know Jim my friend Tiger just these guys winning it and me being so happy and proud for them you know for Nance one of his you know. Greatest things he's ever done in broadcasting be that that masters and you know I don't know exactly ranks but it's got to be way up there for him. It's not at the top and and I think you know for tiger. It's going to be the exact same thing and you know just seeing that unfold like that. I mean that's why we love sports. You just can't predict something like that was going to happen and it makes it like a movie. Sure I think that's all said and I think that that's why people really enjoy your broadcast ask. That energy comes across and that's necessary in football in a way that's different from other sports of the Games you've called so far excluding playoff games and obviously the super bowl. What's your favorite No playoff games no super bowl right because those are a little different. You know the magnitude of it. It all kind of adds to the moment. Yeah that's true. I mean maybe the first one the first game you ever did it just it was so new and raw and everything was great. I mean but the problem is that I've had so many I can remember. Chiefs Raiders Game. There's like four penalties on the final play. Royal Time expired You know to your so. That was just incredible. Finished that game. You know that was really enjoyable to Thanksgiving game doing in Dallas. Coming back home. I mean that was really enjoyable. I mean there's a lot of different moments patriots steelers. Sheriff came down to the white here. I mean those games so there's a lot of you mentioned coming back home and obviously a lot's happened with your buddy Jason witten wooden coming out of retirement. Do you give them any crab. Just like dude. I narrated the video for you know what I mean. I'M NOT GONNA do a second one no now I didn't give you know. He just has that issue and he can still play. And so he's going to be Jason Witten. I think it's GonNa be fun just as a fan watching him go out there. And and Get out there. Run Y option to move James. You know I think that you're going to see the same guy absolutely What are your expectations as somebody who studied the game? I'm and far more cerebral way over the last couple of years of Kellen Moore. I mean you guys shed some time together in the cowboys quarterback. What are your expectations for him as the cowboys offensive coordinator season yeah? I think he'll do a good job I think. He's you know a smart intelligent. You know person who's GonNa try and and us you know the skill set of the people. He hasn't the team I mean he's GonNa try and move cooper around and give him the ball. I think he's going to try. And and the Ball Austin Zeke. I I think the system still going to be the same system. It's been for a long time. I just think they're just see a few wrinkles here and there sprinkled in but I. I don't know that you're going to see some brand new offense the way it looks sure. I think that that's fair. I mean obviously You know something's changing some things. Don't considering your time in the booth what what have you learned most that. You didn't learn from being a quarterback Well I think I learned I mean for me. The team aspect of this is just like a sport. It's just a small team but it's like I mean our team all has to phone work together. Everyone's do their job at a high level for it to be successful and I think I didn't realize coming in. Just how many people you know really allow this this broadcast to Be a good one and be successful. And so that's been enjoyable to get to know almost have your second team where you're on the road you're with almost the second pseudo family here. I'm just lucky because I really like everybody in really fun. What have you done this offseason? But isn't football related isn't Gafa eventually been on the course. Maybe something you watched on Netflix. How'd you how'd you relax Yeah I think how my dad add basically. That's pretty much all the time that I have. It's golfing announcing that. Basically just you know playing with my kids. I got three young boys seven five and coming up onto here. You're so I think that's basically what I do. It's enjoyable as far as I've watched recently There's this great documentary called in search of greatness. It miss that I thought they did a great job describing about you know how some of these people have done it so I guess that would be a recent one log. Put It on my list you. You're doing a lot of pep talks with corona and I'm curious what wouldn't mind do you give rj pep talk. What would it be any facet of life that I could in any moment of of my life in the future? Lean back on okay. I needed full this up on my phone because Tony said this. The number one thing is yes. Better love what you do and I think at the end of the day better have a coronal. Let's just think about it. I think that's good. I think that's pretty again. Just go out there and I think easiest way it's so cliche but it is true you know life is enjoyable for me right now simply because I do enjoy the things that I get to do with my time and that's one of the hardest things in life is to find time to do the things you enjoy but you can find a way to do it. It's really a.

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