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Goodwill between the blazers and the thunder with PJ Carlesimo. Here's Sean Kelly. Starts quarters, especially have huge. You Jake could start here for almost have very good. Start folk home city Portland's lucky to feel goals that Damian Lillard at CJ McCollum made were threes of it be troubled away. They've started off simply sim not getting good shots, seventy three. Seventy thunder your ball to the time bounce pass to hark LUSA, the following drives on atoms. And it's not the way by Adamson. There's a foul. We must have gotten them on the wrist. All on Stephen Adams, his his four. Fourteen foul. Also, we've got six almost six forty to go into quarter and the next all the rest of the files. I'd okay see we'd be penalty. But can they convert Portland has struggled on the free throw line Harkness's? First free throw off the further room. I mean, we're two of eleven from the field here the period, but now three of five at the free throw line. Mohawk struggles he's under seventy percents sixty seven percents shooter for the year. Second free. Throw miss that one to one for six at the line to see. Six and a half and the play of the third major major factor. Let's put to the following shoots from fifteen. No good. Less book is seven for twenty. To clear Lillard drives to the deep right wing pulls up shoots a fater. No, good Adams, all important rebound. Just as fourth of the game up before the Ferguson winning left thrive. Passable overlook intercepted by Lillard and collides with Westwood on. Russell Westbrook at the top of the arch. Sweep drones for over half a quarter now for the home team tears. Ferguson got caught penetrated which was good. But he left his feet, which was bad. He just turned without even look and he through the by to write the Damian Lewis. Big deep breath for Lillard IRS four six to the line. I one on the way good thirty eighth for Damian Lillard. Somebody. They want on the free throw line. Really? After Oklahoma City went up by ten in the first period, the two teams of tethered themselves to each other. There's been no run greater than seven. Oh on either side. Entry pass now by heartless loose ball for CJ McCollum leather who just hit his two free. Throws takes from him and walks into the left front court a bucket gives them the lead leather drives under the rim. Throws Puerto right amino open three and the to the Fridolin. Seventy five seven three seven. Chiefs has been really good in playoffs and just reached in their Paul George and picked up a foul. But I'll tell you what his playoff numbers are significantly better regular season throughout his career. Sean, this is twenty nine th career postseason game and PJ. You're exactly right thirteen and a half points per game seven point nine rebounds per game in the postseason, and that's nearly four points higher than what he's averaged career during the regular season. A percentage as good George drive past the meteorite slot and leaves it in. Ties the game at seventy five thought each I'm sorry. No. I just saying got his work cut out for right now, they need him to step up. I don't think Damian Lillard and C CJ McCollum as good as that played. I don't think they can get a gun without help Kanter power. The post make quick work of grant there on the left block stores off the glass. Lasers lead seventy seven seventy five Westbrook to the dotted line, the restricted area script balls loose mccombs dot and traffic ahead to a me new lease. Four thousand children protects. Russell has really struggled on layups tonight. Sean seventy nine seventy five to key MRs in the second quarter. Now this George isolate supply side of the lane guarded tightly by Lillard Lillard flops. No, listen throw it out to west back. George silently left holding step slept for three off the boundary. Good. News, not the rebound blazers outrebounding the thunder thirty to twenty three lead by four four fifteen left in the period. Willard banks up front court right thought about the three throws block way for over the left wing media steps left and deny by Westbrook to shoot finds Lillard Shittu leaning three. That's good soft the rim. Rebound hecklers stripped by grip, and then stolen back by heartless. I grant on the baseline a little bit of a late whistle, but they ruled out of bounds off Oklahoma City. Have you upset he's talking to Kane FitzGerald, he jumped and he just shot it because he thought it was going to be a whistle. That was no whistle. Got one all night from others as he's going to take the ball out of bounds. It's really very animated. David usually hasn't played that much. He's upset bounce pass into McCollum on a tight pearly stores. It's another quality baseline inbound for Terry Stotts t- lot of time left with. Okay. Sees got a hold it together. Right now, why just leased report lit eighty one seventy five George W to the right wing was top Russ through three won't goes one for seven from long range rebounded by heartless crowd, sensing them all in here rather dry from the left sideline stops fires through through. Everybody's other things. City. Warranty sleeve. Levellers with forty two points news by chop show. But they're listed to get to a TV. Is you believe in what gave? Is the show again tonight three twenty eight left into third Portland. Eighty four all the city seventy five. This is the NBA playoffs at ESPN radio and ESPN app, presented by the. At indeed, we believe resume is.

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