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The lead to Julie was a credit to Dominic believe kind of tipping it was part of the screen but there were two black hawk screening Sergei Bobrovsky cool leak was closest to Conor Murphy on that shot turns out the puck missed him and deflected enough Drake Caggiula for his eighth of the year and the official scoring getting that right could you live number eight from Murphy and Jonathan taste picking up his second point of the night hawk said to kill off to other penalties but it did switch momentum into Florida's favor the latter half of that period as they ended up outshooting the hawks fifteen to ten in that middle period faceoffs or even seventeen a piece thus far as the Blackhawks take a two one lead and look to make it a two into road trip wrapping things up within get business done here in the final twenty minutes down in sunrise Florida a post game show is gonna take all the way up until nine o'clock tonight and on that post game show in addition to the reaction that we will get following this game against the Panthers plus a trip through the NHL scoreboard will go over the highlights as well will also visit with former blackrock Jamal Mayers who has a book out called hockey is for me it's a children's book a a real fun to read and the real valuable for kids looking to pick up the game and some lessons that Jamal that he is passing along a conversation with the former Black Hawk in twenty thirteen Stanley Cup champion Jamal Mayers all part of our post game show again taken up until nine o'clock after the game tomorrow night but they're still business ahead hawks on top of the Panthers to one let's see if they can bring this home before they head home once again back out to the B. B. T. center which online enjoy Murray all right thank you very much voters and I guess efficient scores just should come into our booth asteroid because he had it right all along he said Drake Caggiula and it was good you love from Murphy in caves that.

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