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But ronald lauder men as bayern i'll mira pay i'll tell you i can do my dutch voice because becoming a night in this got along note here eyadema's johm this completes my donation towards the knighthood congratulations sows thousand episode the best podcast in the universe i started listening beckman episode members only consisting of two digits and after being hit in the mouths by my brother sometime around may twenty dan i started donating five dollars a month to keep this podcast live within a year i switched to the left miliver subscription desk value for value men this fifty dollar donations push me beyond two thousand dollars mark straight into knighthood if not taken i would like to be known as night below sea level i like a shout out to my brother dennis my friend mike both listeners to this amazing podcast can i have an f cancer karma for everyone is battling a of or has battled this terrible disease thank you for your courage but almost alarm on the netherlands and we don't get academy awards for this as seen yes they matthew drury sacramento california uh taylor martin bryan holds pennsylvania and last but not least our buddy sir geoffrey wing in roth in the town of saugus categories wow what a nice lists and of course we thank everybody who came in under fifty dollars yes uh we are always are encouraging people to get on the subscriptions and i can tell you is a pretty good bet if you try and come in with some support for sunday show you might get an executive producer ship of iraq dot org slash and i would like to read the donation from julie sure i got a couple of things to read to israel okay good we dismally second donation of the show but i really wanted to continue which means i need to donate when i can't hopefully my husband and i will find jobs soon so we can afford to bump up our support when i last donated it was just before our wedding on and she says some photos of the wedding nine three at 2016 my husband died i donated too much when i sent nine.

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