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The southern Baptist convention's national meeting this week voted to make it easier to expel churches, that mishandle sex abuse cases. Some are calling it a defining moment hard to tell how many people have been abused. Southern Baptist churches, Houston port talking about hundreds of abuse, one of the most under reporting crimes. And so, I think there's many more that we have yet to hear about, and that we're only going to hear more. This stories people are being hurt right now. Something Suster, then a several year out planned we've had some as evergreen questions what you do with that problem. It's not just the past facet if I record on racers of the indicator, there's a wonderful change in one. Recall. What is happening your? We, we weep over and no cases justifiable. Yeah. The meeting comes as US Catholic bishops convenient Baltimore address whitening sex abuse crisis in the Catholic church, federal prosecutors asked plan to ask a judge today for more than a year in prison for a former Stanford sailing coach who admitted to accepting bribes in the college admissions cheating scandal. John van damore will be the first person sentenced in the case. That's in snared athletic coaches at elite universities across the country as well as prominent parents, including business executives in Hollywood stars among those charged actresses, Felicity Huffman and Laurie Laughlin as well as Laughlin fashion designer husband moss. Mo Jia newly prosecutors want the thirteen month saying the sentence is needed to help send a message and restore confidence in a college admission system that many believe is rigged to favor, the rich federal investigators looking into this week's chopper crash in Manhattan, say a passenger in the helicopter prior to that crash that nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Meanwhile we now have. Reports the pilot killed when his helicopter hit the roof of that skyscraper in rain and fog radioed ahead that he was lost, and trying to get back to the heliport, but couldn't find it. Doug. Brady with the National Transportation Safety board is leading the investigation. First and foremost, I'd like to offer our condolences to defame and friends of the pilot who was killed in this tragic accident yesterday. We formed a team to investigate this accident involving an Augusta one zero nine e twin engine helicopter which crashed on the roof of seven eight seven seven th avenue yesterday afternoon. There's not a hell court located on top of the building. Some of the information we know so far is at the helicopter departed with the pilot and one passenger from Westchester county yesterday about eleven thirty AM. It landed in Manhattan, about eleven forty five AM the passenger disembarked the pilot waited at the thirty four street, helipad until about one thirty when he departed for his destiny. In Linden, New Jersey, and we've already begun are witness interviews. Several witnesses have been already interviewed, including the passenger on the previous.

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