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Pain. What the use of his years listening to ABC News, Arizona's new station station on Air 92 3 FM online at dot com and streaming live Our new zap your breaking news and traffic news time is 62. I'm Julie Love in Arizona Department of Health Services is out with new Koven 19 numbers Today. There are 629 new cases reported 29 new deaths. The death toll is now 5007. Total cases. 201,287 in the state I seeyou beds are now at their lowest since the month of April. Jim Brinson, Katie Our news to bars in old town, Scottsdale are in trouble and must close immediately. The Arizona Department of Health Services says bottle blonde and cats, Amigas skylines were served noncompliance notices today. A th s says both bars opened up again on Thursday and have since jeopardize the health, safety and welfare of the public. The bar's liquor licenses are also suspended indefinitely for violating social distancing, masking dancing, standing and table occupancy limits. Katie our eyes and education. Parents of Children with disabilities are calling on state leaders for Maurin home learning support. Michelle Thorne is the mother of two Children with autism and says What families really need is the ability to use respite care during school hours. This will allow the child to have a one on one attendant to help them sit in front of the computer and help them learn, and it would also allow parents to go back to work. Thorne sent a letter detailing the suggestions and more to governor Do see and the Department of Education also the Developmental Disabilities Department. Here's the latest on some of the larger fires burning in Arizona. The superstition fire near Apache Junction has burned more than 9600 acres and is now 34% contains the Griffin fire northeast of Globe is almost 6200 acres with 44% containment. A hidden fire near the Tanto Basin is now more than 4000 acres and 0% containment. No structures have been lost with the fire's more than 1,800,000 acres have burnt in Arizona this year. Let's take now on our traffic and weather in the valley Chevy dealers.

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