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Guys when you use a VPN there's no location tracking can't find you see where you're like a computers IP address is one way to track you that's one thing the trolls know that if you use the appea- address for lots of stuff like this same ip address it did this one they don't know exactly where it's from but they know it's the same guy so of the piano cover that hop and express what can you hear the kids screaming expressway began its shields your identity you become totally anonymous and there's no location and she can access anything from anywhere you can go on fuck in Saudi Arabia and get porn You can be right next to somebody and you could be fucking with them from ledin you can be sitting next them in in Tucson and you'd like who's this guy from Sweden attacking me that's what it'd be pianist goes to another country so it's less than seven bucks month thirty day money back guarantee express VPN dot com slash Ari for three months free when you buy a one year package okay so now back to this now back to what Milos I started to see him get angry and it seems like the best way to get people angry right now is to us I mean this is what the southbound guys if you only punk now the only way to be republican it gets people the maddest Republicans don't seem and again I live in a bubble I've said this before so I'm not ositive I live in a liberal bubble of New York and I go to L. A. Lot too but the best way to get people upset at least in this bubble is okay something Pro Republican whether you believe it or not and Milo Yiannopoulos I started noticing at first it was like always just as public speaker and then more noticed him the more I realize he has all the tenets of a fucking troll he's looking to rile people up and who's more riled up than fucking feminists than angry militant lesbian feminists who are looking to be mad who's more rile up -able the fucking sue someone who's super like activated in their political beliefs a hillary supporter they get so angry it might be bullying it could borderline on that for sure but man it's fun twitter's a great technique for that he's just post something and get people so mad at you so one thing I do I I was Christine Okay Persson said hey are in two years ago saying fest where announcing skank Fest is going to be on This Day let's say June twentieth Lewis is going to make the announcement in a week so we just WanNa make sure you available a day and I wrote back I am available day can I announce it before Louis like immediately might troll mind goes that direction by the way of course there's going to be a long intro would you think this was this this is me immature and I said can I before Lewis and she goes oh God please don't so that means of course I'm going to and this is one of the great trolls I've had because it doesn't hurt Lewis what he's trying to do is promote is is is a comedy festival the Greatest Comedy Festival the greatest pure celebration of comedy festival the business there's no business end of it is just a celebration of comedy everyone loves stand up the performers audiences I stand by that thing they run it right and Lewis wanted people to come with the larger reach in going to start when it is and so I said hey everybody Lewis wants to be the one to bring this to you but I'm going to ruin a form and I'm GonNa be the one to you Skiing Festus on this date and I posted that and he was like what the fuck do that was my joy to be able to announce it might well I robbed a robbed view I robbed you of it now you can't be the one that I was but guess what more people know about it because I have a large draw I've the larger reach more twitter followers and then I start finding out names of people are going to be a scam fast and he wanted to introduce them Joe less I started calling commerce you're doing scanning right journalist who's cool and I'm like guys let's just added to the list I got spies on the inside after Awhile I found out Colin Quinn was going to do it I announced him and Louis like what the fuck you wherever secrecy and I started putting more names out there Michael Che I started nothing they weren't even on there yet because I assume they were gonna be and I ruined all these announcements for him and he was getting so angry but it didn't hurt what he was trying to do which promote the festival so that's my ethics in my trolling in my art I don't want it to actually hurt the person so if I did that and then it got you know the venue took it away from him well that would hurt him and to me that would go too far but everyone's gotta figure out their own for their own our form the guy who S- plays out human bodies obviously he goes a lot further than I would but he figured his own ethics and that's why he's an artist and I'm an artist for trolling and Milo Yannopoulos is an artist for trolling one of the highest level guys in the world I don't know and you could see me on the Legion gangs podcast That I did with my low they had them on this one already knew he was when they had him on I knew he was a fucking troll I could see it once once it became clear to me this guy's not just saying stuff because he believes in it but saying stuff too anger people and by the way he might also believe in it but that's not really what he's about what he's really about is getting a rise out of you we talked about all of it we talked about how this is not even ruining it the magician you can't always checks because it ruins it the troll in this day and age you can ruin it and it doesn't ruin the troll you can tell them trolling and it doesn't ruin the troll you can see him putting the rabbit in the hat and they're still like how'd you get that rabbit out of nowhere it's an amazing time to be a troll so I started notice Milo was troll I started to really revere him him again Nick Mullen Great trolls I respect great trolling and so they were like we're having Milo Yiannopoulos on the lead just can't podcast and I was like I'd love to do that the same way when when when when Dak Prescott was on the bonfire I was like come in turns out it wasn't available that day but I wanted to do that Prescott quarterback for the cowboys which is my favorite team I wanted to go and just sit there with my hand and my my my head my hand and just going just like you know swoon whole time not say a word but I was on the road so I was like yeah and then there was this uproar in the comic community how can you have this fuck in Nazi on they started saying if you hang with Nazis that means you're Nazi people like wait three Jews and a Puerto Rican or Nazism people like yeah that's right they are Nazis I'm like son of a Holocaust survivors of Nazi because he hangs with Nazis but also by the way so if you hang with Nazis you're not to which they haven't proven he's a Nazi ever say anything like that if you hang with Nazis your Nazi and so I'm not because I hang with Nazis and then my dad who's a Holocaust survivor hangs with me so then he's a Nazi fucking idiots yeah they threatened to be violent towards the creek in the cave they have a violent protests outside where they fuck it attack people physically throwing shit at them they actually moved it 'cause 'cause Milo is mighty you have no security there you should have announced when I'm out these people are fucking nuts they moved those people still vandalize the Creek Cave spray painted all over it even though it wasn't even there that's fucking riled up he gets on people and he told me something in this in this episode in this League just gangs episode you've got to find it's the one with Milo it should be on for sure it should be on youtube he told me about the fuck in the UK sign that is the white our side Wpa when you hold your fingers up and it blew my mind I think we covered a little bit in this episode it blew my mind how four Chan and we get into fortune it's troll group started getting lumped in as a as a white power group because guys can open mind it they know you get upset about anything conservative or anything like borderline on misogyny or Race schism or anti-semitism they know you get upset so that's what they do they say what's going to make set and then that's what they say and fourteen is a troll group of course there are a few people on there that really do we believe it and they started this white powder assign the idea that like let's get this w. p. is which is a okay you know the A-ok sign you give him scuba diving everything yes it's a circle with the era pinkie finger and middle finger all up circle with your thumb and you're pointing finger the other three fingers up a okay and they wanted to make that w. p. and my low on this legion skanks podcast episode he said that he helped spread that and start that and it really means nothing and therefore it started four Chan said let's just make this some sign of the of the all right let's just pretend it is and then it became a battleground it became like the left saying you can't use that and then the right by the way we're also told by it they started saying to the left you can't tell US not to use it and for just sitting back laughing laughing and clapping their hands go look what we started we started between these two people over a nothing symbol Malo find himself because he's just like conservative pundit near the president he just start lashed that sign he start flashing became a see there's a fucking Nazi he's using it must be a white power thing everyone's taking pictures we I'm right there with the fucking conservative president and you got this nothing symbol it means nothing it's a okay and then when those member the member that that those kids that the native American guy was yelling in their face and they were like they were like smoking or smiling and other like these Nazi kids because it wearing a make America great hats you know they must be of this this evil is white kids and they start showing them on the last book court their basketball team flashing the A-OK side and like see there it is they are these Nazis they're using this as all right symbol now none of them know that if you look at Steph curry you can also see him black guy the place for the warriors you can see him flashing it you can see even few years ago Ray Allen flashing that side you can see who else Anthony Davis you can see Klay Thompson you can see all sorts of people in basketball using that signed because it's also signed for three pointer just a cool way of saying we got three doesn't mean anything it doesn't mean anything and fortune was able to get this thing started and just it was a podcast on not this American Life Radio lab there's a radio ad podcast about fortune and is what I mean when I'm saying.

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