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I'm Jim Sharp, along with Jamie West, Good Morning Hospitals and Pema County have reached capacity. This has to son remains under a nightly curfew to try to stop the spread of the coronavirus in a very difficult Place. We have expanded coverage coming up. Then the head of Arizona's Republican Party isn't letting a defeat in federal court stopper is far from over. We're preparing about what to do next, possibly taking her election case to the Supreme Court of the United States. Details on that story Right after we check in with the tour, Dan to help you manage those wet streets. But first coronavirus in Arizona. It's tough to find an open bedded any of Tucson's hospitals, which are dealing with a huge surge in covert 19 patients. Katya ours. Gabriel Gamino joins us live with the story. That's right. Jamie. The Puma County Department of Health, confirmed two key to our hospitals will pause elective surgeries and implement their search plans because of the increase in Corona virus patients. Dr. Matthew Hines is the hospital physician in Tucson and tells our TV partners at ABC 15. I'm getting a report of the death of a patient and I see you, which is of course, always Project and within minutes discussing it like when this bed could be made ready for another patient who was in need of that that to zone last week implemented a 10 PM nightly curfew that is set. To last until December. 23rd to help slow the spread of covert 19 reporting live Gabriel Coming. Yoki Tr news as our team coverage continues, Arizona's health chief is pushing back against the White House report that suggests our state isn't doing enough to slow the spread. State health director Dr Cara Chris tells the Mike Groom had showed the report doesn't paint a full picture of our medications strategies. They seem to think that we've opened up bars and restaurants and those types of things we are still at minimal like minimal capacities for Many of our business is the report also, states. Arizona is not testing enough. A symptomatic individuals. I would disagree with that. We're testing approximately 60,000 people a day. I mean, we're getting numbers of 57 58,000. Dr. Chris stresses. We've got adequate capacity for testing and turnaround times were good. Great Self. The city No. Katya, Your New Arizona is set to receive more than 383,000 vaccine doses by the end of the month, But Dr Joshua LeBaron days used Bio design institute says that one Do much to reduce the number of cases mathematically the numbers of actually individual. He's much too small to have an impact on the spread of the virus. The hope will be that although we may not affect the rate of the virus, we will reduce hospitalizations. The bear thinks we'll begin seeing a reduction and spread by the middle of the year when vaccines are more widely available at 603. We're seeing some rain around the valley. It's been going on for a while, in some places, Detour dancer to give you a report on wet roads from the Valley Chevy dealers Traffic Center. Come on in, sir. Hey, good morning to you, Jim and Jamie. Good morning. Good morning. I know you're loving those raindrops just about everybody's got to be. I don't know of any state that could enjoy rain more than we do. But actually, we gotta drive through it in the dark. Morning, and that means it could be a little wet a little slippery. Slow it down. Take your time. Bring a couple extra minutes with you can't go wrong. The freeway certainly are not stacked against you. There's only one What's not even really technically a freeway issue. It's the U. S. 60 east End of the Valley at Peralta Road near Gold Canyon. This wreck had us closed. Westbound lyric is no all off right. All lanes reopened. There are two service Street crashes, 27th Avenue in Van Buren and 59th Avenue, south of Peoria. But really the items the only thing slow When you're down 51st Avenue into the tunnel eastbound light to moderate slowing this traffic report Brought to you. By Jeff Anderson Associates. If you're a survivor of child sexual abuse, a new law can help Robert Pastor Jeff Anderson represent child sexual abuse Survivors call 1 800. It's time deter damn key turn is Scattered showers will continue in the valley through the morning as a storm system moves through our state's rain. Chances are also a 10% on Friday before we dry out in time for the weekend. The high only reaches 62 today and 64 tomorrow highs will be in the mid to upper sixties this weekend. I'm ABC 15 meteorologists Iris there mostly young at 604 55 degrees with rain showers in Mesa. Everyone about the lawsuit seeking to de certify the results of the 2020 presidential election in Arizona, has been thrown out of federal court. But the chairwoman of our state's Republican Party says after talking to President Trump, they're not giving up quite yet. It was the seventh election related lawsuit that failed here. This one alleged the state's election systems have security.

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