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Much time on other interests on other areas of work at the detriment of representing their constituents and their parliamentary work So that was the conservative MP for Dudley south Mike Woods speaking to me on Bloomberg Westminster yesterday today we have a special program though for you Completely looking at the rail plans the future of rail after that integrated rail plan walls delivered to parliament yesterday We'll hear from Tony miles contributing editor for rail business UK and step Gordon from the rail delivery group So catch that live 12th Newton today or download the podcast later from Apple music or your preferred radio app Okay let's get all of the international news now with Leon Garrett Tom good morning and thank you the women's tennis association has told CNN it is willing to pull out of China if tennis star punk Shui safety is not accounted for and as sexual assault allegations investigated Pung has not been seen in public since early November when she accused a former Chinese vice premier of rape Serena Williams tweeted that she was devastated and shocked about the news Staying in China Wuhan wet market has reemerged as a likely origin of COVID-19 Bloomberg's Jason Gale has all those details The one arm market is back in focus after new research found the man thought to be the first identified case actually developed symptoms 8 days later than initially reported Confusion was caused by complications from dental work that made the 41 year old accountant sick That would make a female seafood seller the earliest known case according to a study in the general science scientists have yet to determine the origins of SARS CoV-2 debate about its genesis has centered around two competing ideas a laboratory escape or a spillover from animals In Melbourne on Jason Gale Bloomberg daybreak Europe London is warning the tube service is at risk of decline transport for London may have to cut peak services on some underground lines by as much as 25% If it can not plug budget holes cause by the pandemic the report predicts TfL's funding gap will be 6.6 billion pounds over the three years through fiscal 2025 If things do get worse as well as the tube cuts by services could also be reduced by 18% And China is preparing to reopen its border with Hong Kong Bloomberg's Natalie long has all the details The law awaited reopening of the Hong Kong China border were reportedly in the first week of December the South China morning post citing main artificial sources reported that a few hundred travelers from Hong Kong were initially allowed to enter Mainland China without quarantine And the daily quota could rise to a few thousand in the following months The accelerator timeline comes after months of negotiations between Beijing and Hong Kong In Hong Kong national Bloomberg daybreak Europe Global news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quick take Powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in will then 120 countries I'm Leanne guerins This is Bloomberg Caroline Thank you so much the and Geraint with the world news Now these sports around.

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