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Because i'm not sure you would have had time northern clinician nor the interest to take forty five minutes of your day. But i did. I recruited rainman seen with theo and trying to decide whether he wanted to spend a year playing in the sandbox with his children. And give up ten million dollars or run the mets and get an ownership piece under steve. Khan i appreciate the set of. Because i do want to ask you about the but i have one last question before we get there. What exactly is the nature of jeeter's contract. Because i think the end game here for derek. Jeter is always be a principal owner. What outs it does he have. He's not going to lose any money on this endeavor because he's he's an owner entitle really because he's he's paying himself salary which covers his investment in the franchise. What can you tell us about his future. With this franchise. This is year four coming up so he's got two years left on his deal. He is a five year. Deal to be the operator of the team and the question is will the board. Its own by by bruce sherman and then he's got a bunch of corners they have aboard. Are they satisfied with the direction of the team. Because the reason why jeter was in this position. Because bruce sherman simply just loved him literally genuflected at his general direction. Gave them a blank check. Do whatever you want didn't question. Anything wasn't involved nothing but the breast of the board when they get letters saying hey you gotta put more money in a. We gotta put more money in. Hey there's no naming rights. Hey there's no tv deal hey gotten. We're in trouble here The question is will they re signed jeeter and will he want to keep doing this job. It's not a particularly cushy job what jeeter does right. Running team is not all that fun. It's way more fun to own the team outright and then not have to come into the others run it have others do the bullshit the dirty stuff exactly so i just don't think i don't know if jeter's gonna wanna do it and by the way here's how the exit will go will not be that the board fires jeeter. It will not be the the pr of it will be very simple. Be jeeter looking at the camera insane. I want to spend more time with my family. I've got young kids. I wanna step aside but that narrative won't be true all right so i appreciate you getting that out of the way now. Let's talk about theo. Theo surprising to some not not to those that. Follow your good friend. Jeff passan Said this wasn't at all surprised the stepping down from his role with the chicago cubs. A lotta people. Sort of linking him to the mets Some people theorizing that he may actually indeed take a year off your spin. He's not gonna take a year off. I don't give up ten million dollars salary just because you're tired grumpy This was all planned all calculated. Theo epstein made a decision to leave the cubs that was completely premeditated. He's not going to leave ten million dollars on the table without a plan. And when steve cohen finished the transaction with the mets i. It became obvious that theo needed to get into the free agent. Game and ricketts family owner of the cubs were happy to get his salary off the books and bring up jed hoyer to do the job. No problem feo was happy to be a free agent quote unquote and whether he signs with the mets officially or not for this season so we can claim. I didn't lie. And i did take the year off. He will be intimately involved with. Wow so you're saying that ain't family. This is baseball and business. He saw that. There's a big. There's a out there who came in as a swing in dick and he's like i'm. I'm giving the good press conference and now all of a sudden. Theo saw that. And he's like i gotta get into free agency because if that guy's bidding with others. I'm going to get my salary up. It's cold it's not just salary. He wants ownership and then he wants to be after that commissioner like he's got a full plan in his life and he can't keep being with the cubs try worrying about hobby byas and kyle schwab already won the world series with the cubs. He could go to another team. Like the mets and have the trifecta and going to hall of fame as an executive mission. I hadn't heard that. Have you heard that mike no. I wanted to seize on mission. Finishes say he wants to be commissioner. Now one of the one of the rules is very simple. If you ever wanna be commissioner of baseball you do not let it be known to anybody that you have aspirations to be the commissioner baseball. You just don't do it. Well how. Because because i am excellent question mike good. That's right don't want anybody know. How does david samson now. There is no one who is on the inside of baseball who does not feel the same way except for the fact that no one talks about it publicly when you are around theo when you are around theo. It is just sort of one of those things. there's a bunch of executives in baseball who have said and have made it clear. The reason people sometimes do not survive baseball. Is that the commissioner says. Wow you wanna be commissioner seal. Later you're out of baseball. So if you take a look at executives who have left many of them have left because their path to commissionership has been snipped like a nine day old jewish young. Boy i would put Theo epstein as commissioner. Right now i would put i if i'm if i'm baseball. I don't know how that i don't know who would hire somebody to replace manfred or how that would work. But i would take him on as commissioner right now then. Would he do that though it pays. It would pay less than what he gets first of all pays less. That's funny powers. More and the powers and aphrodisiac in that position. But the fact is that if he could do a coup remember. How fay vincent used to be the commissioner of baseball. They've vincent got disappeared because the owners said. We don't want to be commissioner anymore. So they got together. Made bud ceiling the interim commissioner one of their owners so you can do a coup but you need twenty-three votes to do a cook. There are not twenty-three owners who had remove rob and install anybody. Forget theo anybody feels best. Chances to get an ownership piece. That's logical next. Step not to be commissioner. Become an a part owner of team get a world series with that team and then ten years from now. Start worrying about the next. It's interesting because you could absolutely see a path to it. It's harder to fire a an owner than it is a gm. The o- obscene is not one of these interchangeable parts that can just be replaced. And you're out of baseball. There's always going to be an owner. That wants to chase a title and it's going to bring in the best ever. Theo is rick pitino. Or larry brown is how he looked at within baseball. A mercenary i. That's that's a word that's it that's it. I that is such a pejorative connotation. I don't use that word for that. But that's what i think of. When i think of when i think of patino and larry brown I think of guys who are nomadic for a variety of different reasons. One of them can be impatient but their name. You hire if you want to immediately polish your stuff. So he's a pr mercenary. If you see. I would give the away more credit than that theo. Someone you hire when you want to win a world series and you promised your fans you're gonna win one within three to five years. But you know theo's not going to be there for five to ten years that fits exactly one major league baseball. The mets pay him. Do you imagine the meds. Because if he gives that press conference. I wonder if there's a direct correlation between feel watching that press conference and saying hey get my ass out of here like right now because i got an owner right here who would absolutely want to make the splash of hiring me for fifteen million dollars david. Now you're off dan. He knew this before. No one learned anything during the press. Conference of steve cohen. Except the fans. M- everyone knew. What steve steve. Cohen had made it clear throughout the process of buying the team that he was interested in a gm or president. Baseball ops like theo it was. This was not a secret within the industry by any stretch. Does theo press conferences. Saying oh my god. I've got the best. I like my way better. I like my way. I my way better resign right now. Look at the press conference. I'm resigning now. That's not how it actually works. In real life think he follows the jeeter template of have ownership percentage..

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