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That's toxins that's how the toxins occur because they are the demand gen person. They say. I'm gonna go do this. Ppc campaign and it's going to drive eighty leads that's easy justification for money. The other one isn't when one person uses their directness of their attribution to make themselves make their time and their contribution more important than other members of the team they create a toxic work environment and that's where product management failures occur that's where content strategy failures occur that's why when marketing budgets free when when marketing budgets go down and everybody looks around and tries to protect their teams right. It's why the indirect attribution teams get white. Content is always on that list because content is harder to quantify value about any also works as a team. Okay using ai to say. Hey joey joey joey you know. You're the lead flow through this page on this topic. A lot of happens as a result of the authority. We've built with this entire contract without that entire package. We're not there for the entire life cycle. There's the brand isn't as successful and the people over time. It may not happen overnight but they're gonna slide and is going to go down and then all of a sudden look around but poets supplement. Bbc campaign maybe we should buy to. And we should look it out brian. Because that's easy to justify and then over time we have a site ineffective on so silo..

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