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We just got it. We'll keep you informed as details emerge. Three officers shot in southeast Houston. Mayor has announced that the suspect is down. We don't know the condition of the three officers. And we don't care if the suspect is dead or not we hope he is. We'll get to that in a moment. But if you go to bright mart dot com, you will see their top ten stories, and what level of interest. They have elicited, and you will see that of the top ten. The number one story headline terrorist takes over key Mexican cartel on border targeted Americans that story. Has more interest than the next nine combined? The author is Brandon Darby who has covered this beat particularly Mexican violence cartel violence for years. And I appreciate the fact that he course it down the middle. First of all, Brandon. Why is nobody else reporting? Why nobody else picking up your story? This is big news. What I think the story is getting picked up by Mexican media in Mexico City. I'm on the border right now plane of those Alec raptors. But the the the story is getting picked up in Mexico City where they're safe to write about it. Now, other right-of-centre outlets are picking it up. But why mainstream media is not picking it up when it's verifiable now that we have published it they can they can see at the information is true. We we've documented that. I think they're not picking it up because it's just there. Narrative in the I think that this is one of the problems that we've been having as we consistently report on the dangers of the violence of some parts of Mexico on some parts of our border, and it's just not reported. It's not being reported. And so the majority of Americans watching mainstream news down even know what's occurring they're making policy decisions and politicians. Without having the appropriate amount of information to our to our Houston listeners. I'm being informed by HPD's officer that they believe it is five officers shot some from the gang unit in Houston. So keep their families in your prayers that they all make it out of this. Okay. We'll keep you informed as we know. We've got some folks that that have some inside knowledge of that case. We'll keep you informed. Brandon. Let's go through your actual story. Brandon Darby is our guest with Breitbart exclusive terrorist who targeted Americans takes over Mexican cartel on Texas border. What's going on here? Okay. So here's what the thirty thousand year. Okay. Is. In two thousand eight a man a cartel decided to target the US consulate because US policies were making them mad, and they decided to target the US council it by throwing in a grenade and then attacking with multiple men with automatic weapons fire. They were rebuffed the person who led that charge. And what they're doing it with others wasn't band. That goes by the name L story. Last name is long name his last name. Luna Luna names, Tori, and he was incarcerate arrested. Carson did he was given more than twenty years, which is a very big deal in Mexico where they even if you kill people usually get five to seven or something very low. He was given more than twenty years few years pass and. Members of a breakaway group from the lower cartel. Call Hales's co which became their own cartel cartel. Iskoe generation now taking over Mexico. They decided that they wanted that person out to help them with their organizing efforts in expanding their cartel. So they paid a bunch of judges. They paid a bunch of politicians that person got released from jail L. Tori, the terrorists and very recently L, Tori, was number two to someone saying L shallow out solo a toy got into conflict while the judges decided they wanted to go with Tori, abandoned, Elsa lay low to the Yucatan Elsa. Leyla got arrested by stories, and now L Tori is running the dominant faction of Los at this called CDN, which is headquartered in Laredo, and is the dominant cartel, and obviously the Laredo sector anti del Rio sector, it is the most ruthless cartel in Mexico. If you look at how they use violence. They don't have the highest murder rates, but they have some of the highest murder rate of people who are not connected the cartels, right? So they they tend to terrorize and how they rule this is the same cartel we reported, and you have beyond which I appreciate it at the time about the massacre and again day Coahuila that was this cartel were hundreds of people were were murdered and then had their bodies burned in incinerators governmental facilities, simply because they wanted to get at two people who had a certain last name. So they just killed everybody with that last name at a certain region to make sure they got family members of the people telling on them that they were mad at that is this cartel. That is what's going on? It happens to be the most open stretch of our border in an urban area. Obviously, it's not were open to the big benefactor. But it's the only urban area along the us Mexico border. That doesn't have syncing are barriers erected already. Brennan Darby's, our guests. I got a minute and a half in this segment. I wanna read a paragraph of what you wrote. Mexican law enforcement sources revealed Breitbart news at L, Tori, is the mastermind behind the gruesome murder of the leader of the old school Z faction. Louise, L wrecks or z twelve raise in Rica's LAX died inside the state prison in wave Laredo after being shanked numerous time times by CDN inmates. L Tories men then stole L. Rex's body from a funeral home placed his severed head in one ice chest. But the rest of his body divided it into three other containers, Los Zeta, then placed one ice chest outside a state prison in Tomo lupus and the three others near prisons around Monterey. L Tories men have also been singled out as the ones who left severed body parts outside a newspaper office in Tamaulipas with a series of threats against local outlets, forty seconds in this segment. We're talking about guys that are not just killing each other. They're using these severed heads to frighten off the media to keep them from covering it. The judges the. Politicians? That is correct. They are. In fact, they have gone from trying to use violence to push drug gained business and protect their business to using violence to control media into control political power in the region where they operate. Wow. Can you hold with us? Yes, sir. My first question for Brandon Darby out of the break. He is reporting on news with well sourced. Individuals. Is anybody out.

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