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Like, that'll be fun, but I think the career mode could be a blast and it it just seems crazy. And I took reason I like those Mario sports games is because it it changes the sports game a little bit and makes it like crazy and insane in Arcadia and I think that's fun. And I, you know, I like seeing more of that and I kind of life support them. So they're like, well let's Branch into some other games cuz we've never seen a Mario hockey game. That could be fun that would be awesome and you know, I I remember I think it's helped Our Stars golf. It was a launch game. For the Xbox One. And you know, I bought when that Council launched, I bought like Battlefield 4 and I bought NBA 2K and I bought Deb rising and I bought something else. I don't know, playing or Starz golf, the downloadable thing the most because it was just arkady fun and these, you know, games have that off that Spirit to them that just make them really fun and and you know non-stressful. So it's it's nice to capabilities. I'm definitely buying this game and I know you're a big sports game. This Mario Golf appeal to you, like sports games. I know people like them. I don't know if it's enough to get me to like buy a golf game. Because, you know, I I would never touch a golf game. Usually, it's just not my thing at all knows very well. I have to be receiving that one, where the like, hitting the ball and chasing after him racing along that lines, so much fun and honestly, it's amazing. This is the one more more than any mode. Just golfing. A new donk City, just looks fun like golfing in a big Metropolis, like, just sounds awesome cuz you know, obviously it's harder because there's buildings in your way so you gotta bounce them off the building and run down the street and get to the other Superfund. I'm pretty excited for this. And I am more excited to play the single-player than Co-op or like online with friends. Yeah, I think the big thing for me here was like, they say it's going to get free updates and get new clothes, new playable characters. I know they did the same all the Mario, Tennessee. And it was on switch light back on new characters, quite frequently after lunch. And I wish to marry. Had the same treatment, you know, like regularly updated. But I'm glad to have like gone ahead and send this again, and it's going to Be supported and because it's like Nintendo has been doing that quite well lately for some of their titles. So, yeah, that's there. Yeah. So last thing I'll talk about guys with Ninja though is the fact that well matter of fact, but I want to get your thoughts on this. I feel like it was pretty heavy in remakes remasters which isn't always a bad thing. But, you know, the switches and it's, you know, it's it's been rough over four years. And I kind of expected a little more from, you know, a a brand new console. But I feel another bed why this may have been a Hey let's let's remaster and re-release and, you know, reboot and redo a bunch of games to me. Look like we got a ton of stuff coming out when there's maybe not a whole lot, it's like doing original so. Well is it is it? Let me ask this question though..

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