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How did come? No, no, no sequence. Everyone's like sequence come out of my blood or whatever. It just happened that she was glamorous and fun. I used them where I needed them was thirty gainer had her share. But that that was just you do it in the right way, for the right person. Now, people seem to think alike away do that. But it was because of the sheriff because the share shows where right? So can I ask you about a few of these again, just like we did earlier, just like firstly in the comes to mind about a few of these iconic dresses you did with L fits with share? Let's start with the seventy four met gala, this is the sort of nude. Caused the stir. It did it did cause a bit of a stir it a breach. Let me see if I can remember when it came right out. Nobody had really seen her in this dress. It was photographed for vogue magazine for their holiday issue. The met ball used to be, and it wasn't anything like it is now, it was just a party in wonderful exhibit of closed, and it was the Hollywood exhibit. Dan land had come out to Hollywood and gathered up things from the archives and whatever and, and also she's looking over she'd seen the share she'd already been on for a few years by that time. It was nineteen seventy four that the minimum was. So she looked at all our clothes in the way they were made now beautifully. They were made. I mean they were like a tour clothes, and she just got very excited. So all of a sudden here I am practically a beginner I had I had share fits in there at Carol Burnett. I had Barbara Streisand. Enough. It's in that exhibit it was fabulous for measure Alrighty working with Barbara too. Yeah. We. Yeah. We did. I'm trying to think that. So it was in funny late. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Lady on your first Oscar. No. It came out in seventy five but we glossed over you'd already had an Oscar nomination for lady, sings the blue diner, Roth Ross, then three years later, for funny, sixty eight I did, especially with her and got another. Emmy. Oh, my guess, so this, I have nine Emmys now and it's kind of like an one in one Tony nomination. Well, then that will update that in a few days. Okay. So the and the dress from the ball also was the same one that was on the cover of time year later it wasn't a year later. It was just a few minutes, a few months. Yeah. And at that point sunny and share had broken up and I took it to the met ball. Right. And it was fun..

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