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I think catchers hanging around you have a good glove a glove. Yeah you're right hope. That is good point. I will be a star. necessarily that. He does cheap cameos. I feel like means that. I think that he is probably you get him better than like going. Through the bureaucracy of laffy taffy the premise. They respond to every ten days and forgot to update me that they actually sent you. The package So yeah social media red-tape over there which is actually very similar to the consistency of taffy. Yeah that is true. All right so i'm gonna make a note and i'm going to send them the this week Nicole did you bring any ideas for us. Let's start with I'm not sure if this was ever offered for season three episode seven. But i have a big idea. So robin akiba joined the mafia. Start off with bradfo. 's okay you come up with you. Listen to mob stories. Maybe this is nothing to do with playing mafia out either. That's what this was going. No no i thought. Bobby robin cuba actually joined the mafia. I think it's fun. I think you can dispel meeting some of the stereotypes watch episode of sopranos. Or maybe a mop movie. Talk about mob stories. I think it's a subject underrepresented by an italian. Like yourself are up. Yes thank you so season. Three episode seven of sopranos Just to take a look up. So-called second opinion and uncle junior continues his cancer treatments but the prognosis if the christopher christopher meanwhile finds himself under the suspicion of polly. I don't remember a lot of details from that episode. Have to see the expert at christopher beefing where uncle junior only wanted to go he added there was a doctor named john f. kennedy and he wanted to see only go see that person. Let me see a season. Three episode seven of sopranos. Where i think would be conic. I do think we should maybe do dr. john kennedy is in that episode. Yeah it's a good episode season. Three no seasons sources slept on sopranos. We could get five minutes of of nicole talking about that with us if we did see the reps seven. Yeah janos insulted by by something like oh you got. Yeah that's true. How many times does she seen the sopranos nick. She's watched ten times. That's almost as many times as allies watched the league. Wow have you ever seen the show that You know what. I have dabbled in it. But then i feel like that their fantasy fantasy football player. The noise like What's going on in their league. Very akiva chester answer. But i obviously agree with. Yes yes if. I knew football. I think it would help me enjoy the sheet. It's true it's true or maybe this is me calling the kettle black. But you said ali watch. I show ten times and she senior.

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